Phony conservative Boessenkool back in bed with Liberal Christy Clark

The head of the Trojan Horse organization Blue Committee Ken Boessenkool has rejoined the corrupt BC Liberals which as everyone knows is led by the long-time federal Liberal and Harper-hater, Christy Clark (see here).

“Harper is an Albertan with deep roots in the oil patch and free enterprise. He may have underestimated public concern about climate change, because he doesn’t share it.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Harper government’s irresponsible plan to dump our Kyoto commitments is no laughing matter.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Conservatives are doing an absolutely pitiful job keeping the country together. I just don’t know what Harper is thinking. Can he think? I’m not sure…” (Christy Clark, December 2008)

“Compromise is not exactly Stephen Harper’s middle name. He desperately wants more Conservative MPs so he can fundamentally change Canada without having to consult everyone and his dog.” (Christy Clark, December 2007)

I guess Clark was sufficiently happy with the pimping Boessenkool did for her when he was out trolling Alberta Conservative membership lists for donations and will be counting on him giving her our information here in BC.

Also: See earlier post showcasing Boessenkool’s un-conservative activities and true political motives here.

Update: It didn’t take thin-skinned Boessenkool long to react as he sent me this Tweet with a link to the Liberal’s anti-Cummins website


23 Responses to “Phony conservative Boessenkool back in bed with Liberal Christy Clark”

  1. Roy Says:

    yet in bc were stuck between a rock and a hard place because we have no other ligitimate party to vote for. and if i don’t vote i have no say in the matter. come on bc conservatives get organized.

  2. Roy Says:

    what do we do then bc blue I am scared for the next provincial election

    • BC Blue Says:

      I have washed my hands of them until new leadership emerges as they are intent on going down this chosen road. I’ve tried my absolute best by repeatedly reaching out by offering my help even after everything that was done to me only to be ignored, stonewalled or contemptuously dismissed.

      The same people who lied and stabbed me in the back are still in control and Cummins obviously prefers their company.

    • Sixth Estate Says:

      The argument that you should vote for them because there are no credible alternatives is exactly the one the federal Liberals make to leftists. It makes no more sense when the Liberals say it to conservatives in BC than when they say it to socialists anywhere else. Politicians are always ambitious, but parties that exist solely to hold on to power will inevitably be an enemy of the public.

  3. Liz J Says:

    The people of BC are taking their placement on the map to extremes.

  4. james Says:

    They can’t move the numbers at all. It’s amazing to watch. They’ve pulled out everything and everyone to try and do something but nothing is working. It’s a complete meltdown. I can’t believe the board of trade is still behind them. What the hell are people thinking? There is no way they could win.

    I hope they do try and contact me for fundraising because I will try to waste as much of their time as possible. I answer every poll saying I will vote BC Liberal and I encourage everyone else to do it too. Scew it so it looks better than it is.

  5. Reid Says:

    Boessenkool is running around Alberta telling people not to vote for Wildrose. His rationale is that voting for the Wildrose will split the conservative vote and elect Liberals & Dippers.

    However, the flaw in his logic is that voting PC will not actually prevent liberals and Dippers from getting elected because the Alberta PC party has been infiltrated and taken over by “progressives” and “unionists.” We currently have a liberal government, they just happen to call themselves Progressive Conservatives.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Why not get going and shuck the “progressive” and form a Conservative party using the federal model. There may be loads of people who will be feel more comfortable without the leftist progressive element. You’re either Conservative or you’re not.

    • Jen Says:

      That’s a good idea Lizj, to BCB.

      Another thing bcb. what you can tell Madame Clark, if she doesn’t like the oilsands which feeds this nation why not lets say put the oilsands to rest while BC supports the country. I am positive bcb, that she wouldn’t mind at all.

      In the meantime however the oilsands does its own thing for the province of Alberta and no one else. I am sure without a doubt in mind that Sask will walk with us.
      Please bcb, tell that clark it is her turn to support the nations since she doesn’t like the oilsands.

      • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

        Actually, Clark is pushing heavily the Northern Pipeline. One of her advisers was former EnCana CEO Gwyn Morgan. She is also pushing for mining projects to go ahead, including the so-called “Prosperity Mine” in the Chilcotin that was rejected by the federal Conservative government.

        Clark, like Campbell and Paul Martin, are neo-liberal crony capitalists.

    • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

      The BC Conservatives shed “Progressive” way back in the early 1991! Mind you, they haven’t been more than a fringe party here since 1949. They have been recently polling better in light of the crony capitalist policies put forward by Premiers Campbell and Clark, however Mr. Cummins has some odd people advising him.

  7. dmorris Says:

    Good idea.Liz. I’m in despair at the thought of the next B.C. election,had hoped Cummin’s group would be the Party worth voting for.

    Right now,I intend to look for a good Independent on the ballot.

  8. Norman Ouston in Mexico Says:

    BC Blue, what’s the friction between you and Mr. Cummins or the BC conservatives entirely?
    Just curious is all and how could I help?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Short version, it was over where the party should be going and the incompetence of those who were dragging it down. Those same incompetents won the internal battle when I was stabbed in the back by those supporting Cummins who I thought were all onside.

      Silly me thinking that honesty, integrity and professionalism would rule the day.

  9. Relayer Says:

    Let’s face facts: the NDP will form the next government in BC. I’d prefer by far if a conservative party were to win, but there aren’t any credible conservative parties to vote for. I console myself however, with the one silver lining of an NDP victory:

    They have promised to hold a public inquiry into the corrupt sale of BC Rail.

    And that means we’ll get to see Gordo and Christy and as many of their henchman as they can drag down with them, being led off to jail in handcuffs. That really, really works for me.

  10. real conservative Says:

    I really like this one: “Compromise is not exactly Stephen Harper’s middle name. He desperately wants more Conservative MPs so he can fundamentally change Canada without having to consult everyone and his dog.” (Christy Clark, December 2007).” What I have been saying for years in conservative circles, that the left does not believe in democracy, that they hate being out of power and even when out of power they behave as though they have not even lost it. In other words, Commies want a dictatorship which they run. (real conservative)

  11. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    After hearing what went on at the BC NDP convention last weekend, I’m more scared of them than ever before! I used to think that it would be acceptable for one term of NDP to get rid of Christy Clark, the cronyism, the corruption, hold an inquiry into the sale of BC Rail and get rid of the “rape-of-river” scam. Now, I’m not so sure.

    We have a choice between communists, neo-liberal crony-capitalists, and bible-thumpers. British Columbia is screwed, blued and tattooed. 😦

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