Maybe CBC will now show us Attawapiskat chief’s home?

Although the CBC did run a very mild headline on what is a huge story about Attawapiskat residents being happy to having an external audit and 3rd party manager look into the band’s finances, maybe this will be the start of some serious investigating into where all those millions went.

Greg Shisheesh, former deputy chief:

“I think it would be a good thing. We need to clean up our financial crisis here in Attawapiskat because it’s been like this too long now. I was happy to hear the federal government was stepping in to clean the mess up.”

Martha Sutherland, tribe elder:

[At a public meeting] “She [Chief Spence] said we don’t want third-party management. [But] who is included there? Is that from the chief and council only? Because a lot of people were asking that they need to clean the office. They need that third-party management here.”  (see here)

Not quite the same narrative that the Liberals, NDP and most of the media have been telling though is it?



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  1. Michael Solberg Says:

    I really like this. Eye opening. Good investigative journalism Dean.

  2. Mary T Says:

    Is that pic taken in the chief’s home, don’t see no mold or missing walls.

  3. E Mac Says:

    Who is the good-looking one in the middle??

  4. wilson Says:

    So maybe our Govt 3rd party manager needs to have a ‘town hall’ to listen to the residents,
    because it is obvious Charlie Angus represents the Chief and Council, ignoring the residents.

    Sounds to me like residents are being intimidated, and this should be investigated:

    “…But there are people who are educated and outspoken in the community who are told to be quiet. because in the end it’s always the chief and council that have a say about the community.

    “Outsiders always look to the chief and council for answers and not to the people.”

  5. dmorris Says:

    Wouldn’t hold my breath. The village has a population of roughly 2000,so one would expect about 500 houses, yet we were shown only about a dozen of the worst examples of “housing”.

    Chief Spence may yet rue the day she conspired with Charlie Angus to embarrass the Conservative government.

    • Ed the Hun Says:

      I agree…it should be an interesting read about how the Chief and her ‘co-manager’ managed to manage the Reserve into such a situation…

      What I really want to know is if the CBC and other MSM outlets will report on the findings of that report…

    • Jen Says:

      $90million went to ATTAWASPISKAT and Angus bitches for what. It is not the government fault that the Bands or chief wish to abuse our money. Angus is playing a nasty game in the HOC on the backs of the innocent natives who may not have any idea that canadian taxpayers have poured millions so they can have decent homes etc.
      And to make matters worse for Angus, hew is not keen on a 3rd party management investigating into the matter. I guess he wants to continue using the natives’ problems as a daily issue in the HOC.

  6. Bec Says:

    Shame, shame on Charlie Angus and his other Dipper cohorts if they saw ANY sign of a double standard life style between those he smilingly POSED with above and those he videoed to use as his national megaphone soapbox!

    This is truely abhorrent……and my kudos go out to all those brave enough to speak up about this abuse of power on this reserve.

  7. Norma Says:

    I hope you all investigate what the $90 million was used for – you might be surprised.
    Also investigate the sewage back up, likely caused by Debeers dumping into the system,that caused houses to be condemned and boarded up.

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