Sun News now reaping what it sowed with Warren Kinsella

Just how sorry am I for Sun News’ integrity being called into question and a “lie” by their employee Warren Kinsella? Not even in the slightest.

They created the situation of giving this over-rated and past-his-due-date self promoter a job as an exercise of political balance and deserve all the fall-out from it.

After the above (almost unwatchable) segment on Brian Lilley’s show Byline, Kinsella takes to his blog blasting both Lilley and Sun News (see here) allowing comments such as:

“Yeah, it boils my blood how the frothing-at-the-mouth rightwing nutters get all up in arms about OH MY GOD THEY’RE TEACHING MY KIDS ABOUT TRANSSEXUALS AND ASS-FUCKING MEN!!!!!!”

“Lilley is acting like a complete asshole. Or maybe it’s not an act.”

I don’t usually allow unedited swear words on here and only do it this time to show verbatim how Kinsella let them be posted.

For the brainiacs at Sun who thought they were being clever, I’m more than willing to keep reminding you that I told you so.



23 Responses to “Sun News now reaping what it sowed with Warren Kinsella”

  1. Rob C Says:

    Hopefully this will lead to another “WAS” employed by Sun News . I have a problem understanding why anyone even listens to what this (never has been but tried hard) clown has to say.

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    If sun news are going to employ a dickhead they deserve all they get.

  3. dandy Says:

    Kinsella stuck his career up Jean Chretien’s…

  4. Liz J Says:

    I’m going to ask that he be fired, that’s simply beyond the pale. I’ll add he’s nothing but “Shit from Hell” for Sun News.
    The man must have some underlying problem in his own life, this isn’t normal even for conjecture.

  5. Says:

    I can see it now, Kinsella & Richard Warman file complaint with the Human Rights Commission against Sun TV.

  6. Says:

    Why I quit buying the Sun, rarely watch SunTV.

  7. Pickering Tory Says:

    Watched it and here are my thoughts (for what they’re worth)
    -Love Rob Ford and I actually agree with what WK said about the Ford’s rookie mistakes
    Now on to the meat of the interview:
    – Hard to believe that 16% actually feel this curriculum is suitable for kids
    – If you’re against it you’re a homophobo (that’s so true)
    – Lilley should have let WK speak and then gone after him…
    – “McGuinty, My guy says not good enough, it goes too far and sent it back” –he only said not good enough because of the huge back lash from the voters
    – Lilley knows what WK is like and should have been better prepared to have the quote available … I’m being objective here .. he should have had a quote or a clip showing what the Libs are saying to Extra and what they actually say to MSM…or have it ready for tonight’s segment
    – they were both cutting each other off
    – he didn’t really call Lilley a liar

    Just watched the video a second time where you add the text in about what WK left out … that is what Lilley needs to come back with tonight …gotta go after him and not let him get away with his leaving the facts out (Libs and NDP love doing that)
    This also goes to the point I made above, Lilley should have had it ready and pointed it out especially “parents fostering a poison environment”

    And funny how WK always and I mean always points any controversy back to Mike Harris

    Remember WK is a spin doctor and he is (contrary to what others may believe) somewhat intelligent on how to shift things away from McGuinty and the Liberals

    As for the comments left on his blog and allowing those kind of comments is his way of promoting free speech unless its contrary to his point of view
    that’s my take

  8. Pickering Tory Says:

    By the way – where I wrote
    “If you’re against it you’re a homophobo (that’s so true)”
    I meant that’s so true as in if you have an opinion that is opposite to theirs you’re a homophob or a neo con etc…
    sorry for any confusion

  9. bocanut Says:

    Winkie-lead screecher for geezer punk band “Shit For Brains” believes in freedom of speech when he’s yapping yet blocks comments that he doesn’t agree with on his blog.
    Typical “do as I say not as I do” Liberal hypocrite.

  10. Sean M Says:

    When you sleep with a snake… or cuddle with a viper… Really though, Kinsella is a dangerously warped individual, and allowing a forum for such a sociopathic partisan to spew the kind of bile Kinsella spews does seem a little strange. Allowing such an ugly, diseased mind air time can go both ways i guess… on one hand it exposes Kinsellas as a dark souled creep, and on the other hand it exposes Kinsella as an obstinate, lying dark souled creep. Cuddling a viper to your chest is not a good idea.

  11. dmorris Says:

    Kinsella won, Lilley lost,and looked amateurish in losing. Kinsella had the document in his hand and quoted from it,in other words,he was prepared for the interview,Lilley was not. Lilley’s cry, “you want me to leave my desk and go look for the quote” remark was pathetic,as that is EXACTLY what he should have done BEFORE he invited Kinsella on to his show.
    Kinsella agreed with Lilley that the sex ed wasn’t appropriate,but Lilley was determined to shout him down.

    His call to “cut off his mike” was unbelievable! Sun TV needs to give Lilley some lessons in professionalism.

    Kinsella made Lilley look arbitrary and vindictive.

    And I am NO fan of Kinsella.I think he’s one of the worst, most vicious of all the Liberal backroom bunch,BUT, in this case,he made Lilley look like a high school kid on a local cable channel playing at the big time.

  12. Trish Proulx Says:

    I posted on his site about free speech being protected but being rude is not. Got told to “Oh, f*** off” by Warren. So typical of his response.

  13. john Says:

    The SUN should fire his ass just like the National Post did. Oh, – wait I forgot. He “resigned” because he was fed up.

    Yeah, sure. Of course you did Warren. (wink wink).

  14. real conservative Says:

    Excellent analysis… there is no way a Liberal would allow a traitor into the inner sanctum.

  15. wilson Says:

    Byline tonite, Lilley proves he was right.

    SunTV was supposed to be no-spin,
    and that was what Lilley expected from Kinsella, but what he got was Spinsella.
    lilley won’t make that mistake again.
    An no, Spinsella has not been fired.
    They should keep him and get him good.

  16. wilson Says:

    The SunNN team should sink their teeth into this and then get Spinsella back to defend McGuinty’s gov.

  17. Joseph Says:

    Lilley’s poor handling of the segment aside, if warren is responding strongly to something to the point of using sexual explicit terms would indicate opposition to this is seen as a threat to the liberals.
    Much like the situation Obama is having with Keystone, Mcguinty could end up in a very polarizing position.

  18. Peter Says:

    The only thing that surprised me was that Kinsella didn’t bring along some juvenile prop to reduce a serious discussion to nonsense.
    Kinsella is a much overated politico who was given a position of some authority but little importance in the federal government by a couple dubious politicians who were involved in Adscam for which participants received fines and jail terms. Why Chretien , Dingwall and Kinsella were never taken to court remains a question in people’s mind.

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