You know you’ve made it when Kinsella calls you a “psycho”

From Warren Kinsella’s blog comment section:

bigcitylib says:
December 29th, 2011 at 7:32 pm EST

“I find myself indifferent to the fate of the B.C. Libs, who for years have been telling people they’re not anything like the Federal Libs. They’re basically the Socreds minus the Zalmoids, who have recoalesced as BC Tories. As the BC NDP have reembraced their Green Wing rather than selling out to their Unionistas, more power to them.”

“PS. If I were a BC Lib I would go after this kook”

“…who apparently has a place in the BC-Con hierarchy. The Loony is strong in these people, and this fact can surely be exploited.”

  •  Warren says:
    December 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    “Yeah, that one’s a psycho. I could turn him into one beaut of an attack spot.” (see here)

    h/t Robbie

    Update: Linked by Kinsella and the New York Times on the same day. I can now die a happy man. (see “fetishistic fixation”)


19 Responses to “You know you’ve made it when Kinsella calls you a “psycho””

  1. Roy Says:

    the bc liberals changed there direction when Kristy Clark became preimer we were different from most of the other liberals
    but not any more. good news though is the BC Conservatives are getting stronger.

    • Alain Says:

      Roy, I suggest that the BC Liberals changed direction under Campbell after his first term. Under Clark it is a toss up to determine the difference between the Liberals and the NDP. Pretty sad state of affairs in BC.

      • Roy Says:

        I agree with you on that but the bc conseravtives are tied or ahead of the liberals now in the polls so people are starting to catch on in BC and are going to a viable alternative.

  2. antfrm Says:

    congratulation on you elevation to the great butt-kicker’s phsyco list BC Blue – we always knew you had the right stuff – and the entitlist, lying, snake of a Sun columnist, will continue his sleaze and factoid twisting until he eventually chokes on his own spew ………………… only he would brag of his “beaut of an attack spot”

  3. Liz J Says:

    One would think Liberal mouth-offs would have better things to do than name calling if they want to be taken seriously as they attempt to rebuild their broken down party.

    Insults about people being off their meds makes one wonder what they’re on when they can’t seem to focus on more important matters. Spreading lies, gotcha games and silly tricks is not constructive.

  4. Susann Says:

    It’s always fun to give over-sized ego of Warren the gotcha.

    Yes we know that you are so vain, so egotistical, so utterly controlling Warren…….that you cannot prevent yourself from reading every single comment that may be, just possibly may be……about you.

    You are so ridiculously irrelevent.

  5. mahmood Says:

    Sure being called a psycho is **prestigious** but you still haven’t hit the big leagues until Warren offers a reward for your capture with dog bounty hunter BCL on your trail…LOL, what a way to end the year, congrats.

  6. Hans Says:

    Hey loved Kinsella’s backdrop for the LIEberal party: “Surrender the Booty!” replete with skull, cross bones and dagger.

    What no rape and pillage?

    Ya gotta love it when you get the “psycho” label, from a non medical practitioner. Oh and BTW how long was your treatment session on Kantsellit’s couch given this is his ‘considered opinion’… Can someone please explain why anyone listen’s to this man’s flying brain farts?

    And now Harper has a ‘fetish fixation’ for the Queen…I’m sure Her Majesty will be amused by the Herald Tribunes shocking revelation…must be a slow news day when octogenarians are billed as salacious pinup girls. Next we’ll be hearing that Her Majesty has a guest spot for naked ambition…

    Thanks for the loony tunes and Happy New Year!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  7. Susann Says:

    Warren is especially sensitive to any criticism from we little minions from BC., so BCBlue is just a target of the day.

    Warren is always quick to try to cauterize comments from anyone opposing him, not just from BC.

    We wouldn’t want to remind easterners about Warren’s premature (recurring problem?) self-coronation a few years back where he was to become an actual MP from North Van, due to the craven urgings of the little man from Shawinigate. Yeah he promised North Vanners that he and the wife were not just parachuting in, but rather were going to be permanent residents, whether Kinsella triumphed over Ted White, or not. Indubitably! You betcha folks. Alrighty now! I see she said!

    When North Vanners handed his puckered butt back to him in the federal election, he promptly cashed in his, only-slightly-hidden return ticket and resumed his role on the ever dwindling Liberal fairyduster Daisychain.

    Most of us got your drift and your party’s drift, literally and figuratively, years ago.

  8. James Says:

    I love that Warren still speaks from on high. If he only had a look around he would see that his “hill” is actually sunken below sea level.

  9. Bec Says:

    I suspect that Warren’s ego is re-inflated since his guy managed his to stay in the chair…..disregard the minority part…the going down part….the fact that he really almost lost part……and that he is lucky, very lucky that this wasn’t his hat trick of losers.

    I was starting to think for a few months after the federal election that he had matured, moved on from these childish behaviours but recently I have sensed and now witnessed a few battles with the good, RIGHT shoulder Warren angel and the mean, nasty LEFT shoulder Warren (it starts with a ‘D’)…..
    That Left shoulder has become the dominate side…again…sigh..

    Happy 2012!

  10. syncrodox Says:

    What did you do to garner the restaraunt critic’s ire..?..get plum sauce on the sweet and sour dinasaur balls..?

  11. ohboy Says:

    Its hard to look at one’s self objectively in a mirror that’s cracked.
    I’m sure Warren experiences this every waking hour!

  12. dmorris Says:

    Congrats,Dean,this is almost as good as making Nixon’s “Enemies” list.

    Happy New Year,all the best in 2012.

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