CBC goes against ruling and officially neuters Ombudsman

The editor in chief of the CBC Jennifer McGuire has chosen to ignore the conflict of interest ruling of the CBC Ombudsman Kirk Lapointe and keep their BC reporter Stephen Smart in place. (see here)

Tell me who is really surprised that the CBC would only accept the Ombudsman’s decisions when they are favourable?

CBC did right thing letting Cherry know Burke was stabbing him

Toronto Maple Leafs president Brian Burke didn’t like that the CBC outed him for trying to get Don Cherry to stop criticising the Leafs coach. (see here)

Burke prefers how he had it in Vancouver when he could call up radio stations such as CKNW and get a reporter fired even when the story was true.

Update: Looks like I was too quick to give credit to the CBC as Cherry has this to say:

“He had a meeting with CBC behind my back and accuses them of leaking the meeting. I never heard one word from CBC about the meeting. Gospel.”

Silly me thinking the CBC was doing the right thing. (see here)

Minister hiding names of oil companies he took on trade mission

If Trade Minister Ed Fast seriously thinks it’s not the public’s right to know who he took along with him to Libya, he should be asked to resign.

“We want to make sure that we respect the confidentiality that some of the companies have requested” (see here)

The idea that his job is to protect the identity of oil companies that are attending trade talks at the pleasure of the government is ludicrous.

If they don’t want us to know who they are, then they can simply decline going.

Provided by taxpayers, CBC CEO gets a personal driver

Not only do we give CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix a very nice salary somewhere between $358,400 and $421,600, he also gets his own $34,000 – $56,500 paid chauffeur on our dime.

On top of his salary, Lacroix expensed just under $30,000 last year adding to the total of $180,000 in expenses since 2008:

“The expenses of the President and CEO are approved by the Chair of CBC/Radio-Canada,” say the documents. “They are also reviewed on a quarterly basis by CBC/Radio-Canada’s internal auditors.

We also learned that the CBC has 730 employees who are making $100,000 or more a year although who they are remains hidden under the Federal Privacy Act and Access to Information Act. (see here)

Also: See earlier post of Lacroix buying a$240 sandwich lunch for two here

CBC’s US political correspondent’s hair comb-over column

This is what taxpayers are expected to get from CBC’s Neil MacDonald while he is stationed in Washington? (see here)

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