Provided by taxpayers, CBC CEO gets a personal driver

Not only do we give CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix a very nice salary somewhere between $358,400 and $421,600, he also gets his own $34,000 – $56,500 paid chauffeur on our dime.

On top of his salary, Lacroix expensed just under $30,000 last year adding to the total of $180,000 in expenses since 2008:

“The expenses of the President and CEO are approved by the Chair of CBC/Radio-Canada,” say the documents. “They are also reviewed on a quarterly basis by CBC/Radio-Canada’s internal auditors.

We also learned that the CBC has 730 employees who are making $100,000 or more a year although who they are remains hidden under the Federal Privacy Act and Access to Information Act. (see here)

Also: See earlier post of Lacroix buying a$240 sandwich lunch for two here

24 Responses to “Provided by taxpayers, CBC CEO gets a personal driver”

  1. Mary T Says:

    Wonder if he watched QP today and heard our side present 3 petitions to defund the cbc. First they should not have their expenses paid.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Might want to look at the provisions for all Deputy Ministers, not just the CBC…

  3. john Says:

    Hmmmm, let me see.
    Maybe this is a GOOD thing? WAIT! Hear me out!

    What I mean is there is no way in hell we are ever going to get rid of these useless freeloaders and any politicians we elect ALWAYS turn out to be too ball-less to ever try. So here’s a plan.

    We let these parasitic blobs of excrement continue to suck the taxpayer’s well dry until the inevitable economic collapse. THEN in the social chaos that follows these elitist a******* we be strung up from the lamp posts by a furious mob of former taxpayers.

  4. Taxpayer Says:

    At least he doesn’t get personal military helicopter rides like MacKay. Oh, and by the way, I expect your pal Harper and his ministers also have personal drivers at taxpayer’s expense.

    • john Says:

      Wow, are you ever a serious flippin idiot.

      Harper & the ministers are leaders of a country not a damned TV network. Cabinet drivers are not bloody minimum wage taxi jockeys you clown.

      They are specially trained in anti-attack driving and driving while being pursued or while the vehicle has been damaged. They are three quarters bodyguard one quarter chauffeur.

      Does the head of the C-ollection of B-ureaucratic Coc******** qualify for such protection? – nope.

    • Me 2 a Taxpayer + retired senior, + retired CanadianFORCES type.. Says:

      MacKay, and all the rest of those you have cited in such apparent partisan zeal, fervour and tepid venom, can all be voted out of office. Not so with the lads and lassies at the CBC-empire.

      • Blame Crash Says:

        Mackay deserves to be stripped of his Cabinet position and thrown into the far reaches of the back benches for that stupid stunt and the whoppers he told about the helicopter incident.
        He’s just like that creepy Justin in that he rode into power on his Daddy’s coat tails.
        Its characters like him, with their “entitled to their entitlements” attitude that could easily bring a whole lot of trouble to the Conservative Party.

  5. Fat Tony Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Mr. Harper having a personal driver.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The PM wants to drive his own car but the security guards would not allow him.
      CBC is paid by the public, to deliver news and programs….not take the taxpayers money for their own personal ‘high’ salaries.

      • Mary T Says:

        I wonder if he pays taxes on all those freebies, like the ordinary joe does if he uses the company car etc. Would love to see box 40 of his T4 slip.

  6. Sammy Says:

    Hmmmm,wonder how long it will be before the Dippers start squealing about the 1%’ers at their beloved cbc ??? Holding my breath…….

    • Jen Says:

      Sammy, before the holidays a couple of ndpq/ers stood in the HOC calling for an increase to the $1.6billion for cbc.

  7. Mary T Says:

    Did any of you catch Evan today, when he threw a gotcha question at Rae, and then Rae returned the favor by asking him, I thought your next question would be about the petitions today to defund the cbc, and he made some comment re Gallants petition to sell the cbc. Evan did not expect that question and quickly changed the subject.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I find it unbearable to watch most political shows so rarely do. If you do run across something that you think I should see, please send along the link.

      • Mary T Says:

        I watched today because of the Verdict yesterday, and it was first day back for the HofC. Usually watch The 5 on Fox.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Just great Harper is looking at cutting old age benefits but has no problem with this. Harper shouldn’t be looking at MLA’s and MPs pensions and salaries if he wants to cut the fat not the bare-bones necessities.

    • HiSkule Gradge-you-8! Says:

      1.) You’re reacting to something fantasized by the anti-conservative schoolyard-bully cabal.
      2.) Judging by the slant in your posting, shouldn’t “should not” be “should?”
      3.) Highly unlikely that PMSH has any say in matters regarding benefits paid to MPPs/MLAs.

    • Alberta Girl Says:

      Anony…your comment makes no sense…he “shouldn’t” be looking??? And what does he have to do with MLA’s – those are provincial.

      I believe they have stated that MP’s pensions are on the table

      And he has not stated they are looking at “cutting old age benefits” – that is a media generated **** storm designed to get Canadians riled up against the CPC. He has said that the program needs to be adjusted – you nor I nor the media have any idea what that means so until they outline exactly what it does, how about toning down the anti Harper rhetoric.

  9. Sean M Says:

    LaCroix is the de-facto King of the CBC, therefore entitled to our money, at least I’m sure thats the way he sees it. 1.2 billion dollars a year sure isn’t spent on programming, although some is spent on unwatchable trite, and most on political propaganda. I would bet most of that taxpayer extorted cash goes to parasites like LaCroix to live a life most people couldn’t even dream of. The cesspool known as the CBC has got to be hosed out of these LaCroix type A-Holes, and the sooner the better. Minister Moore won’t be to happy with the petition to get rid of the CBC, but you can bet a great many Canadians would be quite happy to sign it… where do I sign?

  10. Joseph Says:

    I heard this morning that four MP’s tabled petitions to defund the CBC.
    Just a thought, suppose some opposition MP’s had similar petitions presented to them in their riding offices, but they refused to take them to Ottawa?
    And if such a thing happened, who would report on it?
    Just throwing out a couple of rhetorical questions is all.

  11. Sharing the pain | Blue Like You Says:

    […] However, I want to see everyone sharing in the pain of austerity – and that list includes but is not limited to MPs, Senators, bureaucrats, unions, environmental lobby groups with ‘charitable’ status, and most of all the CBC. […]

  12. Jen Says:


  13. Liz J Says:

    Hubie Lacroix’s salary alone is obscene IMO, adding expenses of any kind should not be allowed over such a huge salary.

    This is the stuff that isn’t paid attention to by the media buffoons when they go off on their tangents over proposed changes to pensions like OAS or Public Service. It’s over-the-top salaries in general including those being paid to useless tools at CBC across the board that play into the reasons for cutbacks of all sorts and higher taxes for the ordinary working people.

    Where else in any industry or corporation do the people paying the salaries not know how much their employees are being paid?

  14. Org Says:

    Nice work if you can get it!

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