CBC porn show apparently just fine with Minister Moore

Heritage Minister James Moore not only refused to watch the CBC softcore porn show when asked by Sun News’ reporter Kris Sims, he accused her of only bringing it to his attention as an attack on the CBC:

“I know you’re in the business of just going after the CBC” (see video here apx 3:15)

Tell me there is another Conservative MP who needs to be replaced in the next Conservative Party nomination process more than this guy?

Warning: The video of this French show Brian Lilley puts up at the beginning of the segment is very graphic. Although no nudity is shown, many sex-acts are.

Update: In Lilley’s column on this today:

As Sims was busy trying to listen in on a scrum with interim Liberal leader Bob Rae in the foyer of the House of Commons, Moore, a minister of the Crown, approached her and asked about the Sunshine girls. He equated a private company publishing pictures of women in bikinis to tax money paying for full-on sex to be posted online by the government-owned broadcaster.
Moore later told Sims that she was being used as a pawn by Quebecor CEO

Pierre Karl Peladeau to attack CBC so that the company could gain a larger share of the French-languange TV audience in Quebec.

Once that happens, Moore said, Sun News Network will be shut down: “You know that’s going to happen right?” (see here)

NDP Heritage Critic says CBC employees could make 3-5 times more in private sector

The guy who would have been Canada’s Heritage Minister if the NDP had won the last election shows just how scary that would have been for the taxpayers footing the CBC bill.

“I would guarantee you that any number of those people making more than $100 thousand would be making, three, four, five times as much in the private sector because of their talents and their skills.” (see here)

All you need to know about this idiot is this line from his official NDP bio:

Tyrone Benskin is a distinguished actor, director, activist and legislator whose contribution to the Montréal, Québecois and Canadian arts scene spans decades.

Without golden pensions, Liberal Dosanjh says we’d just get “good for nothings”

In an unbelievably arrogant defence of  politicians’ pensions, former NDP BC premier and federal Liberal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh had this to say:

“If u want the best MPs don’t cut pension. Don’t elect gud 4 nothings.”

To Dosanjh, all of us who have run for political office for other reasons such as trying to attain better government are a bunch of ‘good for nothings’ in his eyes.

Only those that ‘sacrifice’ themselves with getting a base MP’s salary of $160,00 plus a very cushy pension are worthy of political office to this silver spoon socialist.

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