CP’s Ditchburn does a “drive-by smear against Sun News as pay-back”

Sun News found out this morning just how despised they are by all the other Canadian journos for not going along with the insider game currently being played.

This group of Ottawa Press Gallery members whipped themselves into a lather about this story from CP Jennifer Ditchburn which turned out to be the fault of a lone Immigration bureaucrat and had nothing to do with Sun News as Brian Lilley explains in this video here.

More fireworks to come on this I’m certain.

Update: The Sun’s David Akin explains what happened and has all the documents and emails posted here. Besides the timing of the “damning” email the most interesting point to me was the Sun News producer who did that segment now works for the CBC.

Funny how Ditchburn didn’t mention it though huh?

NDP Potty-mouth Martin at it again

Media darling NDP MP Pat Martin couldn’t of course be found for comment when his caucus colleague Thomas Mulcair’s dual citizenship was in the news (see here) although he is apparently always available to swear at an opponent.

Last time, Martin was telling all who were following him on Twitter that the Conservative’s were a “fucking disgrace” and anyone who thought otherwise could “fuck off” (see here) and now he is at it again calling Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu an “asshole” (see here).

I sure do hope Ottawa journos like CBC’s Kady O’Malley and the Globe’s Tabatha Southey are pleased with themselves for their complicity in making Martin the standard for parliamentary behaviour.

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