Did you know that there is a MP All Party Golf Caucus?

Some days you just have to shake your head at how moronic some MPs truly are and it not always comes from a particular political bent.

Today we learn that NDP MP Peter Stoffer formed the All Party Golf Caucus last year in an effort he says to reinstate tax write-offs as a business expense.

“At a hockey game it’s noisy, and you’re not really talking to each other. On the golf course it’s ‘Nice shot, buddy. What about that contract we were talking about?’ ” (see here)

Also in favour are:

– NDP MP Randall Garrison

–  Con MP Russ Hiebert

– Liberal MP Scott Simms

You’ll remember Hiebert was in the news for claiming almost $640,000 in expenses during the ’08-’09 calendar year (see here)

Minister Moore jeopardizes Sun News with his comments to reporter

I was thinking that besides the political ramifications of what Heritage Minister James Moore said to Sun News reporter Kris Sims:

As Sims was busy trying to listen in on a scrum with interim Liberal leader Bob Rae in the foyer of the House of Commons, Moore, a minister of the Crown, approached her and asked about the Sunshine girls. He equated a private company publishing pictures of women in bikinis to tax money paying for full-on sex to be posted online by the government-owned broadcaster.

Moore later told Sims that she was being used as a pawn by Quebecor CEO

Pierre Karl Peladeau to attack CBC so that the company could gain a larger share of the French-language TV audience in Quebec.

Once that happens, Moore said, Sun News Network will be shut down: “You know that’s going to happen right?” (see here)

what is the potential damage Moore has done to their overall business?

1) Sun News will now have employees questioning whether they will have their jobs so moral may suffer as well as some might now look around for another job

2) Advertisers would be much less willing to commit to long term marketing projects or could decide not to advertise at all

3) Sun News’ parent company Quebecor is a publicly traded company and you can bet that stock promoters and brokers would certainly notice a minister in charge of regulating this industry calling Sun News a ‘front’

How PM Stephen Harper will be able to keep Moore in this portfolio after his unbelievable personal attack of Sims and overall harm caused to Sun News would be inexcusable.

Also: Check out Blue Like You to see who has endorsed Moore

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