NDP MP and Globe journo smears TV host’s reputation as a sexist

Accidental NDP MP Laurin Liu tells the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber about recently being on an all-female nationally televised political panel:

“I sit down and the first thing the host says is, ‘What a hot panel we’ve got tonight’ … and this is a male host. It’s my first national panel… ,” recalls Ms. Liu, who laughs about it now. “And then it just clicked. I’m in Ottawa and this is the way it is.”

And Taber, without saying if she asked this host his side of the story, agrees:

Sadly, this is the way it still is for women on Parliament Hill. (see here)

It wouldn’t be very hard to track down who this TV host was, especially for someone in the media like Taber, so why wouldn’t she?

The only female panel that I have found Liu participating in was one on faith and climate change hosted by Hill Times publisher Jim Creskey. I highly doubt it was nationally televised though. (see here)

Please let me know if anyone has any information and I’ll also see what I can find out about this TV panel and who hosted it.

Ontario’s ORNGE paid $9M to connected federal Liberal law firm

The sordid story of Ontario’s medical transportation corporation, ORNGE touches into the federal Liberal Party with this story about how former president and Michael Ignatieff top organizer, Alfred Aps’ law firm made millions from it.

Almost $9 million went to the Toronto based law firm of Fasken Martineau, where key ORNGE adviser and federal Liberal strategist Alf Apps is a partner. The remaining payments went to other law firms.

Apps, a close adviser to former ORNGE boss Dr. Chris Mazza, has done a lot for the service over the years. (see here)


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