Ontario’s ORNGE paid $9M to connected federal Liberal law firm

The sordid story of Ontario’s medical transportation corporation, ORNGE touches into the federal Liberal Party with this story about how former president and Michael Ignatieff top organizer, Alfred Aps’ law firm made millions from it.

Almost $9 million went to the Toronto based law firm of Fasken Martineau, where key ORNGE adviser and federal Liberal strategist Alf Apps is a partner. The remaining payments went to other law firms.

Apps, a close adviser to former ORNGE boss Dr. Chris Mazza, has done a lot for the service over the years. (see here)



7 Responses to “Ontario’s ORNGE paid $9M to connected federal Liberal law firm”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Well, there you go, a real scandal hides behind a protected wall while the Liberals continue on in their quest for gotcha crap.
    Gotta say one thing for Liberals, they go big when they decide to screw the people showing no respect for the peoples’ money.

    There’s been enough time to have this info spread across the land and having an investigation into exactly what they were playing at. We don’t pay taxes for political insiders and their friends to get rich.

    • BC Blue Says:

      The Star has been terrific on this story

      • Paul Says:

        Unusual for the Star. Maybe they are starting to realise people are tired of being broke as a result of this corrupt, inept provincial government.
        Too bad Tim Hudak spent so much time pandering to those that will never support his party.(media and liberals)
        Damn I miss Mike Harris.

  2. blorgman Says:

    Did you know that George Hungerford, a ‘C’onservative from Vancouver and appointed to some government board or another is also employed at Faskin Martineau? Now with that being said most ‘C’onservatives from Vancouver are Liberals in Conservative clothing.

  3. guffman Says:

    Thank you Alfred Apps for cementing the idea, once again, that Liberals are pigs at the trough. They can’t seem to resist it. Just wish all this had come out BEFORE the recent Ontario election, when McGuinty (who no doubt is complicit somehow in this ORNGE boondoggle) was re-elected for a third term to waste billions more of our money on scams like this, and bogus ‘green energy’ BS.
    I also wonder what Bob Rae will have to say about his recent party president… just when the federal Liberals were hoping the lingering stink of Adscam was finally blowing over.

  4. Liberal Alfred Apps resigns from law firm after $9M payment from ORNGE revealed « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Party President Alfred Apps now that the  Ontario medical transportation corporation’s $9,000,000 in payments has come to light? (see […]

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