2 NDP and 4 Bloc MPs spit on Queen Elizabeth medals

NDP MPs such as Pierre Nantel, who is confirmed as one of the two NDP MPs who are returning their Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals, should just come clean and admit that they are separatists and quit the charade. (see here)

Why they continue to hide their hatred for Canada in a party which is not only saturated but also led by separatists, is silly.

Update: In a CP story on the CBC about this, an anti-monarchist is found to compare our Queen to the North Korean and Syrian dictatorships (see here)

NDP MP says Canada has 9 million people

Oh my… NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan:

“We’re almost 9 million if I remember the number correctly”

The last time we heard from this MP, she was a drinking and driving expert (see here)

Was it CTV’s Don Martin who called NDP MP “hot”?

In an interview with Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber, NDP MP Laurin Liu accused a national TV host of being sexist (see here) and after looking extensively, the only reference I found to any all-female political TV panel that she participated in was on CTV’s Power Play:

CTV_PowerPlay Watch bit.ly/tS2jxf @ElizabethMayLaurin Liu, @MichelleRempel weigh in on #Durban #Climate Change Deal and #Kyoto #cdnpoli about 1

The other question that comes to mind is if it was Martin, did his co-worker Jane Taber know?

Postmedia’s latest CBC defender-of-the-day

When I see these defences of the CBC by their supposed competition like Postmedia, I wonder if they get an official call to write it or like a hockey goon sitting on the bench, knows their role when his coach taps him on the shoulder to take a shift?

First up on Saturday was Stephen Maher with his “Sun TV plays dirty with trumped-up CBC porn scandal” and today we get Stephen Hume’s rant about taxpayers finding out about the 730 CBC employees making $100K+:

Can you believe it? Eighty-seven per cent of CBC employees do not – let me repeat, DO NOT – fall into the top five per cent of income earners in Canada. (see here)

How dare we know this information! The only unintentionally interesting part of this tirade was Hume letting us in on how many CBC employees there are.

This is what happens when a Canadian news organization becomes the latest prostitute (see here) in the CBC whorehouse.



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