Rae flips out on Hitler reference but remained silent about Lib MP’s “goose-stepping police state”

Liberal leader Bob Rae on Conservative MP Larry Miller’s earlier Hitler reference:

“Anybody who raises the name of Adolf Hitler in a debate always loses. … It’s a ludicrous, ridiculous, cheap, horrible comparison.” (see here)

We will now wait for the Globe and Mail to get his condemnation of Liberal MP Joyce Murray right?

h/t Stephen Taylor

You’ll also remember that it was Rae himself who called Harper’s staff  “jihadis” and the media didn’t even flinch.

Conservative MP gives NDP run for money on dumbness

NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan saying that Canada has 9 million people was stupid but at least she was talking off the cuff and not from a prepared speech in the House of Commons.

Conservative MP Larry Miller’s idiotically compares former Liberal Senator Sharon Carstairs’  “social re-engineering” quote about the Long-gun Registry to Hitler:

“that is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s”

The Conservatives should be leaving this type of garbage rhetoric to the fanatic Left, not  joining them.

Update: Miller has now withdrawn his comments (see here)

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