Christy Clark appoints lawyer who donated $10,000 to her leadership campaign

Not only did the chair of the newly formed Justice Review give $10,000 to Christy Clark for her leadership campaign last year, Geoffrey Cowper’s firm Fasken Martineau has been huge donor to the BC Liberal Party since 2005 when records have been kept.

Check out the large cheques that were cut to the Liberals by this law firm here.

Not a word so far from the BC media about this obvious conflict of interest though.

Also: See earlier post here on the special prosecutor who was forced to resign after it became known that he had donated to Liberal MLA Kash Heed who he was suppose to be investigating.

Update: Cowper is being reportedly being paid $125,000 for his report and another $70,000 is to go to lawyer Gary McCuaig

Update: Sunny Dhillon of the Globe and Mail asks about the $10K conflict here

Potty-mouth Pat Martin’s idiotic apology for calling Senator an “asshole”

First, there is the obvious lie that NDP MP Pat Martin didn’t know about Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu’s personal tragedy when this story clearly states he did when asked if he would apologize the following day:

 “I should have called him an Honourable Asshole” (see here)

Then we get Martin saying it’s ok for him to be personally affected in his job as a MP but not for anyone else:

“I regret the words very much. If my child had been murdered, given my temper, I’d be the angriest man out there.”

He said he stands by his concern that if Boisvenu can’t set aside his grief while he debates public policy, he perhaps should not be in the Senate. (see here)

So, here we have a guy who has repeatedly shown that he cannot control himself, admits that his temper completely guides his actions but only sees it as a problem for others.

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