How much does CBC Kady get paid for this?

An example of what your taxes are being used for at the CBC. I have absolutely no idea how this 100 tweets and re-tweets mess is classified as reporting. (see here)


Green’s May labels “China-Harper Axis of Oil”

When you are trying to make a point about foreign investments and ownership of Canadian resources, it’s usually not smart to suggest our PM in the same light as the WWII Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan:

“In fact, what I now call the China-Harper Axis of Oil has so many negative repercussions; I have had to prepare a short list, including everything from job loss to Syria.” (see here)

Elizabeth May’s fascist linkage plays well with the hard-core Harper-haters but this type of rhetoric will do nothing but alienate the average voter and keep the Greens in the fringe.

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