Liberal Alfred Apps resigns from law firm after $9M payment from ORNGE revealed

Is this really a resignation or is the law firm Fasken Martineau putting some distance between them and the past Liberal Party President Alfred Apps now that the Ontario medical transportation corporation’s $9,000,000 in payments has come to light? (see here)

You’ll notice that Apps’ new firm, Wildeboer Dellelce has an Eric Apps listed as one of their current lawyers.

Also: Fasken Martineau lawyer Geoffrey Cowper has been given a $125,000 appointment by Liberal Christy Clark. Cowper donated $10,000 to Clark’s leadership campaign last year and Fasken Martineau has been a huge Liberal donor (see here).

Are BC’s younger journos starting to wake-up to being used by Liberal pet media vets?

It’s not that we are in a unique situation here in BC with having a dominate left-leaning media covering politics but how we are completely different as one of the larger provinces, is not having a conservative news organization for a little balance.

Every other province excluding the Martimes has the presence of Quebecor Media which most of us would more easily recognize as the Sun chain. No such luck in BC.

At best, we have centrist news outlets like Global, CTV and Postmedia moving along from there, ending up at the lunatic Left. To make matters worse, these centrist ones are full of long-time BC journos who have either become comfortably lazy in their roles ‘mailing-it-in’ or completely conflicted by having personal relationships with politicians in the BC Liberal Party. It’s easy then to see why the younger journos don’t push very hard as not only will they be going completely against the pack, they will also risk the wrath of these gate-keepers.

There is hope though of the Sun moving into BC and there have been recent signs that things might be changing highlighted by this Christy Clark announcement yesterday which created a huge media back-lash:

“In place of a formal Throne Speech, the Premier will be appearing on CKNW’s Bill Good Show to outline the government’s agenda for the spring session”

This fire-storm within the other media outlets excluded from Christy Clark’s sit-in with her friend and former co-worker created pointed shots directed at Clark and CKNW as Andrew MacLeod of the Tyee writes here and carpet-bombed by a Victoria Times Colonist editorial:

We can understand that the premier wants to carefully control her message and connect directly with the people, but her 90-minute free ride will undermine her credibility, as well as the credibility of CKNW, which now runs the risk of leaving the impression that it is the official spokesstation of the premier of B.C

Clark’s decision to use the radio waves to lay out her plans for the province is an insult to British Columbians and to the legislature. All MLAs, both New Democrats and Clark’s own B.C. Liberals, have good reason to be angry about this, and to question her suitability for the highest office. (see here)

Ouch… and don’t think that this doesn’t resonate with the others who work at this radio station and competitive news orgs, who unlike Bill Good and his fellow old-boys club members, haven’t been very well-paid over the years and close to retiring.

They all still have to worry about a career in a precarious industry holding the proverbial bag empty of credibility due to the damage done by Bill Good and his fellow retirees.

Citizen’s journo says “Harper embraces tyrannical approach”

The Ottawa Citizen if chalk full of editors, reporters and columnists who detest Conservatives but Susan Riley is my ‘favourite’.

Most of the staff at the Citizen try their hardest to shield their Harper-hate but Riley doesn’t do as well with the charade:

When it comes to foreign policy, some nations choose enlightened self-interest, others excel in cynicism and still others (often tyrannies) favour patronizing lectures to the world from a perch of moral superiority.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to embrace all three approaches

Doesn’t she think she is a clever one by not directly saying Harper is a tyrant, just that he follows dictatorship strategies?

Then at the end, Riley tells her readers that Harper is pushing for a war by communicating his worries about Iran to our allies:

Yet, it sounds as if Harper is preparing public opinion for war against Iran and privately promoting it

And of course this makes Harper somehow:

“A dangerous moral crusader” (see here)

And just so you don’t think things might change any-time soon at the Citizen, Riley has been there 28 years.



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