CBC claims copyright only against its enemies

When you are a friend of the CBC like Jamie Watt is, they apparently don’t have a problem at all with a communication company’s website like his Navigator looking like a CBC affiliate but if you are a critic, they send in the copyright police.

This video was posted on YouTube by blogger Blazing Cat Fur:

To see what the CBC got their panties in a bunch about, Sun News still has it available here.

Video: Christy Clark’s press secretary bullies journo & BC media say nothing

Think about the reaction if PM Stephen Harper’s press pecretary tried to physically block a reporter from asking a question the same way ex-CTV’s Chris Olsen did to Global’s Marisa Thomas in this video here (1:20 min mark).

We saw how the Ottawa media went ballistic when CBC’s Terry Milewski was ‘shouted down’ by partisan Conservatives during the last election but when former fellow journalist looks like he may have even laid his hands on a female reporter, her emasculated brethren are silent.

It would be bad enough if this lack of manhood was where it ended with this little insiders group but if you dare to criticise Clark, this same cadre will go on the attack like her friend CKNW’s Bill Good did here:

You are so full of sht U know better comparing Clark/NW with Palin/Fox. NW has been very critical of Clark. Are U bitter?

That little gem from Good was directed at a former CKNW reporter who was linking Clark’s 90 minute ‘interview’ with Good today to Palin using the friendly Fox News.

And of course once again, not a word of admonishment from the BC media.

Also: If you would like to see the reason why Olsen blocked Thomas, check out this piece Thomas did on Clark’s BC Rail connections

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