Video: NDP MP falls asleep in the House of Commons

The falling asleep part of the video doesn’t bother me nearly as much for some reason as watching NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain style his coiffe.

Hmmm…think I’ll do a Google search on all the Ottawa Press Gallery members who did a Rob Anders story when he fell asleep in the House.

Minister Toews should stop his stupid rhetoric

Allan Rock:

“When I began to learn about the subject after my arrival in Justice, I was shocked to discover that one women was shot to death on average every six days in Canada. These killings were almost always in the home, almost always at the hands of an intimate partner, and almost always with a long arm”

Anyone hoping that the days of laws being passed without the pompous hyperbole like what happened so often under the Liberals will be shaking their heads at Safety Minister Vic Toews for accusing people opposed to his internet legislation of  “siding with child pornographers”.

I have huge concerns about giving police uncontrolled internet access. Am I on the side of child pornographers Vic?

Trudeau says he would work to separate Quebec from Canada

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau has now dashed any hope he had of becoming leader with this answer to the question of whether “he currently recognizes Canada under Stephen Harper”:

“I always say, if at a certain point, I believe that Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper – that we were going against abortion, and we were going against gay marriage and we were going backwards in 10,000 different ways – maybe I would think about wanting to make Quebec a country.”

And if he thought his other stupid comments have got him in trouble, he has no idea what he’s in for now.

Update: Substitute drama teacher Justin at his melodramatic best

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