MP’s dumb idea about TV revealing empty seats in House

Instead of worrying about camera angles, Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski should get himself and other MPs to attend work instead of heading home early for the weekends. (see here)


Minister’s divorce case dirty-laundry put on internet as revenge

Global News is running a story (see here) about a Twitter account that is posting quotes from Safety Minister Vic Toews’ divorce in retaliation to his internet access bill which has been universally panned and has not had a breath of credible support emerge so far.

Normally I wouldn’t post something like this but I believe that it is relevant to the issue of the Conservatives wanting more unfettered government (ie police) access into our private lives disguised as crime fighting.

Update: All the major media is running this story now but Ezra Levant makes an excellent point:

“CBC wouldn’t publicize gossip against their favourites. They covered for Layton’s whorehouse”

His criticism of the media playing favourites is legitimate although it doesn’t lessen the relevance of the Toews article.

Huh, who is this Conservative McGuinty the Star quotes?

When you see a headline the Toronto Star such as “Conservatives defend minimum sentences for gun crimes”, you assume the reflex of the writer is automatically so entrenched in being anti-Conservative that he/she doesn’t even bother to read the article prior.

When asked if it is appropriate to send someone to jail for taking pictures of themselves with a gun, McGuinty said the “message we are sending to all Ontarians is that we treat gun crimes very seriously here.”

“And if you are caught in possession of a gun, that cannot be a good thing and we treat it very seriously,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “So it is an important message for us to send to those who may be so inclined, and also to send to our families that we are doing what we can to ensure our province is safe.”

The office of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General has not yet said if it will appeal the decision. (see here)

Last time I checked, Ontario was still run by a Liberal government led by a guy named McGuinty right?

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