Anti -Toews Twitter account linked to House of Commons IP address

Whoa boy…the Ottawa Citizen has traced the Twitter account that Liberal MP Justin Trudeau was pushing to an IP address originating from the House of Commons (see here)

Update: Vic Toews is now asking for an investigation (see here)

Trudeau proves he was pushing anti-Toews Twitter account

The first report of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau commenting about the malicious Twitter account putting Safety Minister Vic Toews divorce details online (see here) was that Trudeau was being supportive of Toews:

I want to express my support for @ToewsVic. The invasion of his privacy that @vikileaks30 represents is reprehensible.

What caught my attention though was during a Sun News segment, Krista Erickson pointed out that Trudeau looked to be disingenuous and in fact was adding to the Toews pile-on which was confirmed by this:

Just to reiterate my condemnation of @vikileaks30 (that’s@vikileaks30) for being meanies towards the always nice and reasonable @ToewsVic.

What an immature and passive-aggressive thing for a MP to do to another although no one should be really be surprised nor feel sympathetic if dirt is dug up on Trudeau’s marriage. Karma…

15 Vancouver cops under investigation for viewing offensive porn

I would assume that these same police officers would have access to our online records under Safety Minister Vic Toews’ and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s flawed internet access bill?

Vancouver Police @VancouverPD:

VPD employees under invest for alleged breaches of departmental email & internet policy – receiving/viewing inappropriate images.

Update: This goes back to August when the VPD was trying to find out who in the department was leaking info and that it only came to light after a blogger wrote about it yesterday

Vancouver Sun runs story on poll done by big BC Liberal backers

There is absolutely no way that Vancouver Sun’s Jonathan Fowlie had no idea prior to writing about a poll done by the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (see here) that they aren’t a hard-core Liberal ‘organization’.

It’s common knowledge and well documented that the ICBA has donated $325,000 to the Liberals and were involved in sleazy tactics including intimidating campaign workers during the recall efforts (see here). They were also being used as a front group by the Liberals during the HST debacle.

When journos like Fowlie intentionally omit giving readers all the information while allowing statements like this from ICBA president Phillip Hochstein to stand:

“These poll results confirm what I’ve been hearing over the past few months – the race is much closer than we thought. I talk to folks across the province, and I’ve been hearing support for the government that was much stronger than past polls indicated”

it lessens his personal credibility, adding to the distrust of the media industry that is falling apart of which I assume he wants to continue making a living from.

Update: Fowlie’s response

@bcbluecon Fair point. I have to admit I take his support of Libs to be pretty common knowledge. Will keep this in mind for next time.

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