Liberal MP says Toews got what he deserved

The over-the-top rhetoric in Ottawa continued all stemming from Safety Minister Vic Toews’ comments about child pornographers and his divorce documents being put online via a Twitter account linked to a House of Commons IP address:

Liberal MP Wayne Easter had this to say:

“I think – I think the – look, the way that Vic Toews went on in responsing to the questions that you’re either on his side or you’re on the side of the pedophiles is – was very inappropriate.  And so there was an immediate reaction and it came out on the internet.  And so, yes, in a way it is deserved.  If you’re going to – if you’re going to attack people the way that Vic Toews attacked people, then some of that’s going to come back at you, there’s no question about that.” (see here)

Then this morning Minister John Baird jumped-the-gun and directly accused the NDP of “being caught in a nasty, dirty internet trick”. (see video here)

I’m thinking it’s time for all the parties to turn it down a few degrees as none are looking good in this mess.

Liberal Alfred Apps was warned about illegality of ORNGE loan

The Liberals have finally given up trying to keep the police out of an investigation into what is going to be a corruption case of Ontario’s medical transportation corporation with huge political ramifications.

We have already found out that ex-Liberal Party of Canada president Alfred Apps, billed $9,000,000 as ORNGE’s legal council (see here) but now according to a memo reported by the Globe and Mail, Apps was warned not to OK one particular loan.

This warning came from Apps’ Fasken Martineau law partner, Guy Giorno:

A plan to lend $1.6-million of taxpayers’ money to an Ornge subsidiary was so unorthodox that it sparked opposing views among lawyers at Faskens, the documents show. Faskens partner Guy Giorno, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, warned in a 2007 memorandum to his colleagues that Ornge would violate provincial laws if it proceeded with the loan. (see here)

Apps’ resignation is still just a coincidence though right?

Update: Ontario Health Minister Deb Mathews is now saying she was “misled” about ORNGE by Alfred Apps (see here)

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