Why would CBC live-stream an American singer’s funeral?

Flipping through the channels at lunch today I ran across the CBC’s live-stream of Whitney Houston’s funeral. (see here)

I will never understand people’s fascination with celebrities let alone dead ones but how is it possible for the CBC to justify covering it? Where is the Canadian content and what are the connections exactly?

Toews sends out damage-control letter to constituents

Not that Safety Minister Vic Toews had asked but if he had, I would have recommended him not to play the hurt-bunny card as he’s done.

The other night, while I was reading my favourite poet, William Butler Yeats, I came across these lines:

‘Yet they that know all things but know That all this life can give us is A child’s laughter, a woman’s kiss.” (see here)

Instead of the ‘poor me’ letter he sent out, Toews should have sucked it up, admitted he was wrong for not only the flawed online bill he proposed but also the way he attacked those who criticised it.

This letter only shows that he has learned nothing and is proving himself unfit for the ministry he oversees.

Also: For further proof Toews should step down, he has now admitted not knowing the details of who would have access to personal info via his own law:

Section 17 of the ‘Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act’ outlines “exceptional circumstances” under which “any police officer” can ask an ISP to turn over personal client information.

“This is the first time that I’m hearing this somehow extends ordinary police emergency powers [to telecommunications]. In my opinion, it doesn’t. And it shouldn’t.” (see here)

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