Softball questions by Postmedia journo to BC’s all-time most despised premier

Friday was the first time that Gordon Campbell has been back here in BC after getting his sweet London gig by PM Stephen Harper and Postmedia’s Peter O’Neil did a “wide ranging interview” so lame that it included

Question on the voracious reader’s current reading list:

“I’m reading about six books right now,” he replied, citing historian Niall Ferguson’s Civilization as one that feeds his interest in big-picture influences on society’s evolution. But the one book that shook him up was British author Chris Cleave’s Little Bee, about the experiences of a young Nigerian asylum-seeker in the United Kingdom. (see here)

David Frost-like scintillating question huh? Love to see the list of topics O’Neil agreed not to ask Campbell before he was allowed this ‘interview’.

NDP MP & MLA add to mockery of pipeline hearings

The Enbridge Review Panel mandate (see here) was established to allow the public who are affected by the oil pipeline proposal to have a voice but as Ezra Levant shows in the video above, it has been hijacked by special interest groups funded by US foundations and aided by a complicit panel chair.

It’s bad enough that these eco-fanatics have been allowed to bog down the process but it’s completely unacceptable when politicians (who already have a public platform) do the same.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen and MLA Gary Coons attended the hearing as speakers in Prince Rupert with the intention of blathering on in an effort to kill the clock to the amusement of their partisan supporters :

The gallery in the convention centre was packed with many people wearing blue scarves as a sign of solidarity against the project, and they did not stay silent. As Cullen argued his position, people cheered points they agreed with, booed the Enbridge council’s objections and some shouted, “let him speak!”. The panel chair had to call again and again for order.

This was after Cullen argued with the panel for 1/2 an hour just on the notion of his ‘right’ to speak on behalf of the natives which breaks the rule that it must be about personal experiences.

Then NDP MLA Gary Coons got into the act going on for an hour regaling in stories about chasing a bear with a weed-wacker and his hockey coaching experiences. (see here)

Your tax dollars are being used for the panel’s wages/expenses, funding these groups to appear and to top it all off, paying politicians to drag it out even longer.

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