BC Cons’ Cummins needs Politics 101 lesson on how not to blow a great day

BC Conservative leader John Cummins has many great attributes but suffers from common bad habits which many long-term, successful federal politicians who move into the provincial arena can’t or won’t shake.

Cummins had what could have been an amazing day yesterday with the announcement of a very credible former Liberal nomination candidate coming on board and Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon’s not so subtle shots at Christy Clark. (see here)

This was then followed up by a full-length interview with Global TV’s Jas Johal which was terrific (especially when his daughter was featured) until Cummins stepped right into the religious ‘trap’ once again.

On the question that you knew was  going to be asked about Cummins being ‘too scary for the average BC voter’, he said this:

“On a personal level, I’m a social conservative. You know what that stands for, I know what that stands for and those are sort of the beliefs that I would…ah, err… those are my beliefs”  (see video here apx 4:40 mark)

Argh! Cummins had already put to rest his really dumb “gay choice” comment with an apology (see here) and although he blew it with Libertarians like myself by setting up former Reform MP and hard-core social conservative Reed Elley as party president (see here),  the media looked the other way and until Elley runs as a candidate, or says something stupid again, no real harm.

How did he not learn though?

It’s because politicians like Cummins get so comfortable in a certain style and surround themselves by like-minded people as he has done with the group of ex-Reformers, he is unable or unwilling to adjust to the realities of BC politics.

How he can still not have a pat answer to this question is unbelievable. We have a premier who sends her child to private Catholic school and has her ‘reasoning’ at the ready so why doesn’t Cummins? He simply has to answer the question and then move the interviewer along to issues that are currently relevant.

It’s stunningly basic politics which even a ‘old dog’ should be able to learn.


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    I don’t underestand you Dean. People are believing in politics less and less becuase elecetd representatives are being dishonest. He stated his ‘personal’ viewpoint — and followed that up by emphatically stating they would not impact his duties in gov’t. That to me is a refreshing change — and it obviosuly DID NOT cause any issues or problems as he was elected to parliament numerous times with his constituents well aware of his ‘personal’ views

  2. RJ65 Says:

    It is troubling. Had he said that even though he is socially conservative, he is libertarian in application and does not believe that government should be used to force those issues on people, he may have been okay. Leaving it open can make a person wonder if he would in fact use the levers of power to enable his social conservative values.

    He could of also deflected the question by stating the obvious that many of the social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage have been interpreted by the Supreme Court as being under the Federal Government jurisdiction and therefore not part of the provincial scene.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Exactly…instead of what was really an easy softball to hit out of the park, he stammers and leaves it at “you know what I am” as if people won’t insert the worse thing on their minds.

    • alan forseth Says:

      He didn’t leave it open — he was very clear that he will not let his personal views affect his responsibility to the electorate. WHY does this NONE issue continued to be raised. Where are questions like this for other party leaders and MLA’s. This is nothing more than a false smear campaign, with no basis that is perpetuated by some. Do your own research and you will find out the ‘facts’

      AND YES … I DO support John Cummins. Why? Because I did looked into who he is, and what he stands for. He is human and he does make mistakes, but he firmly believes in accountable government — from the top down.

      • BC Blue Says:

        FYI this is a political ‘operative’ for the BC Cons in the Kamloops region.

        • alan forseth Says:

          I never try to make any secret of that. Most people, that have anything to do with politics in BC, are well aware I am a member of the BC Conservative Party. For those who are unaware, I am also the Regional Director for the Kamloops, Thompson Fraser Nicola area. I, like the BC Conservative Party, have nothing to hide

  3. Jen Says:


    Ombudsman Rebukes CBC Radio-Canada’s Mideast Reporting

    ‘In a pointed rebuke of our public broadcaster CBC Radio-Canada and its Mideast correspondent Ginette Lamarche’s recent reporting on Israel, Radio-Canada’s Ombudsman, Pierre Tourangeau, this week upheld a series of five complaints filed by HonestReporting Canada about the network’s Mideast coverage.’


  4. blorgman Says:

    John is too honest for his own good. So he’s a social conservative who cares?! Oh ya, the ‘progessives’ of this world who hate christianity. And by the way I haven’t been in a church in years.

  5. Jay Says:

    Silly John Cummins. Wouldn’t want to offend any lefties. If only he would be all squishy like a Liberal then, well, he would be a Liberal.

    • BC Blue Says:

      The BC Con defenders keep proving me right

      • Robbie Says:

        It is not about offending lefties or being squishy. It is about establishing a credible political narrative that provides the BC Conservatives with their best opportunity to form government. Mr Cummins, and, by extension, the BC Conservative brand, can ill afford to have the other parties define him simply because he did not have prepared answers for hot button issues. He could have honestly and sincerely stated words to the effect that this particular issue falls within federal jurisdiction, and moved the interview along to the real issue at hand: the burdensome provincial debt.

        There is not a Conservative in BC who would disagree that we are in dire straits because the BC Liberals mismanaged the public purse. Under Mr Dix, BCNDP will likely implement policies that endorse redistribution of wealth and higher corporate taxes, as well as one that openly promotes discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.

        BC Conservatives need to follow Bill Clinton’s mantra: it’s the economy, stupid.

  6. Sean M Says:

    I heard reports today that more then a few BC Liberals are defecting to the BC Conservatives… ( apparently from Kevin Falcons office )… a major coup IMO. How many more are yet to come over ? Who knows… but this is indeed good news for the BC Conservatives, and continuing bad news for the BC Kristy’s.

  7. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    This is the right time for the BC Tories to supplant the BC LIberals as the new free-enterprise coalition in British Columbia. They should be hammering the government on their ethical failures and voodoo accounting practices, and developing a credible public image. Instead, they appear to be hunkering down and surrounding themselves with old Reformers (and I voted Reform in all of their incarnations).

  8. Edgar Miller Says:

    Cummins’ declaration that he’s a social conservative has done nothing but increase my admiration of him. The social conservative vote has not had a viable party to support in years (the NDP certainly aren’t socially conservative and Gordon Campbell was a social liberal).

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