Why is Conservative government still hiring based on race?

Sun News’ Brian Lilley brings up the question of where the heck has the government’s promise to end affirmative action gone?

Public Service Commission spokeswoman Annie Trepanier:

“For there to be changes, the law would have to change” (see here)

We were told that this practise of race-based jobs in the federal government would be gone 1 1/2 years ago but no change in this law has occurred.

When can we expect it to be finally brought forward?

Update: Federal gov’t staffing company’s job listing ad for Indian Affairs:

“Seeking Aboriginal Candidates.” (see here)

The job quota for this ministry is set at 50% native. I guess at Veterans Affairs, 1/2 must be ex-military then right?

CBC hiding Suzuki’s expenses

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation filed an Access to Information requesting to know how much the CBC is allowing David Suzuki to expense for flying around, staying at hotels and eating/drinking on the taxpayers’ dime only to be told to pound sand. (see here)

There is no way that the CBC can justify that expenses are a trade secret and somehow that info could be used by competitors.

This latest lack of accountability from the CBC is just an attempt to shield Suzuki’s high-end life-style paid for by us.

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