It’s only “dirty-tricks” if Conservatives are accused doing it

The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor has the turning of a relatively obscure and minor story into a massive scandal down to an art form especially if there is any connection to the Conservative Party.

Check out the length and breadth of detail he and Stephen Maher go into with this latest on the robo-call “voter suppression story” here. It even comes with a graphic chart!

And of course all the major news organizations pick it up and get comments from the NDP and Liberal condemning the Conservatives:

Globe and Mail – Alleged voter-suppression campaign “a disgrace” NDP says

Toronto Star – Opposition parties slam election dirty tricks campaign linked to Tories

Sun News – Faked election calls tied to Tories rile opposition

I could list many more…

Now, I agree that it’s a news-worthy story but there’s no way you can convince me that the massive media pile-on and in-depth detail isn’t only being done because it’s about the Conservatives.

For a comparison, check out this accusation of dirty-tricks from the NDP leadership campaign where one candidate accuses another of spreading rumours here.

I’ll be willing to take any bets that you won’t see anything near the same coverage.

Update: The NP runs another huge robocall story including NDP Pat Martin’s “goons with clubs” quote. Conrad must be so proud (see here)

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