Harper-hating media only damage themselves

The latest flip-out by the Ottawa Press Gallery (this time over robocall dirty-tricks) and a John Gormley column got me thinking about the ramifications of their hyper-shrillness.


While some observers note a changed Canada under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, what’s changing may not be the body politic so much as the over-the-top reaction from pundits, critics and the political class.

Ranging somewhere on a scale between profound sadness and all-out hysteria, it’s fascinating to watch some in the political elites and media who cannot abide Harper. (see here)

Because of their group-think tendencies and shared detest for Stephen Harper, they are blind to how the average voter and especially Conservative supporters react when they see such obvious media bias. They will either shut it all out or get their backs up and defend, at times even the indefensible.

Instead of running to the opposition parties for Nixon/Watergate comparisons (see here) or writing columns blaming Harper’s ‘tone’ for possible criminal behaviour (see here), were the media to simply state the facts reasonably and calmly, they would be taken seriously.

There’s a reason why after hundreds of years, Henny Penny is still a commonly used fable.

Update: An example (except for idiotic quote from NDP MP Pat Martin) of a good article by Huffington Post’s Althis Raj on the firing of a Con staffer over this is here.

Make sure you check out the “Twitter reacts” slideshow at the bottom of the article to see the Tweets of the Ottawa Press Gallery members.

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