Harper-hating media only damage themselves

The latest flip-out by the Ottawa Press Gallery (this time over robocall dirty-tricks) and a John Gormley column got me thinking about the ramifications of their hyper-shrillness.


While some observers note a changed Canada under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, what’s changing may not be the body politic so much as the over-the-top reaction from pundits, critics and the political class.

Ranging somewhere on a scale between profound sadness and all-out hysteria, it’s fascinating to watch some in the political elites and media who cannot abide Harper. (see here)

Because of their group-think tendencies and shared detest for Stephen Harper, they are blind to how the average voter and especially Conservative supporters react when they see such obvious media bias. They will either shut it all out or get their backs up and defend, at times even the indefensible.

Instead of running to the opposition parties for Nixon/Watergate comparisons (see here) or writing columns blaming Harper’s ‘tone’ for possible criminal behaviour (see here), were the media to simply state the facts reasonably and calmly, they would be taken seriously.

There’s a reason why after hundreds of years, Henny Penny is still a commonly used fable.

Update: An example (except for idiotic quote from NDP MP Pat Martin) of a good article by Huffington Post’s Althis Raj on the firing of a Con staffer over this is here.

Make sure you check out the “Twitter reacts” slideshow at the bottom of the article to see the Tweets of the Ottawa Press Gallery members.


37 Responses to “Harper-hating media only damage themselves”

  1. antfrm Says:

    exactly what I have noticed since Harper won the leadership of the united Conservative party – the over the top rhetoric of much of the MSM and their lazy journalists, have driven clear headed voters into the CPC fold, as each ensuing election results show. If they can just keep up their half-witted drivel awhile longer, we may get a second majority, and really do some damage to their entitlist dream

  2. Liz J Says:

    They couldn’t look sillier in their relentless effort to GET Stephen Harper even as he calmly goes about running a country that is the envy of the industrialized nations at this time.
    It’s at point where it’s almost too ridiculous to believe if we didn’t hear and read their screed ad nauseum.

  3. Thee Rogue (@Lisa_D_Rogue) Says:

    Wake up and stop the rhetoric! Harper doesn’t ‘rule’ on side of Canadians!

    Come on, how can anyone defend scandal after scandal after scandal (Afghan detainees, In-and-out campaign funding scandal, an unconventional and unprecedented prorogation of Parliament); lack of transparency again and again (http://bit.ly/jh05UG), and insults to the Canadian public (like when his Minister saying that anyone against online spying to be “with the child pornographers)? Why call out the media and journalists on talking politics? That’s what they do! And by the way, antfrm, you sound quite American whining about ‘mainstream media’ (MSM). And blaming opposition voices on “Elites” (btw – what ARE those?) is the same imported bullshit rhetoric. What do you think they do… all get together as media and say to each other “Now we’re obviously Elites, so let’s all bash Harper!”

    No wonder Harper hates the media… he can’t control what they say just like he controls every MP, staffer, and government departments’ mouths!! (Even the BBC has something to say on this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-16881087)!! Especially when the media reports things like the Auditor General’s report on lack of transparency doling out G8 funds (http://bit.ly/jh05UG), or Harper using taxpayer funds for global asbestos lobbying (http://bit.ly/AAZM6o), or the increasingly unjustified ‘anti-crime’ legislation (http://huff.to/wVQc14), or the numerous reports of the publicly-unpopular push for the economically BAD Enbridge pipeline by the Cons (http://bit.ly/wmCXPz.

    I’ve done a lot of the work for you by compiling news links, now you go and read these articles and tell me who is at fault for this bad-sounding news, the media or the governing party??

    ps. Just in case there’s any doubt that the Cons were behind the ‘robo-calling’… here’s an invoice from Rona Ambrose’s office: http://www.scribd.com/sfharris/d/82589631-Payments-to-RackNine-from-local-Conservative-Campaigns

    • james Says:

      I think we’ll mark you down as undecided.

    • Alberta Girl Says:

      BWHAHAHAHAHA..Lisa..how about checking on others who use Racknine’s services…Oh, don’t have any…of course not because all the names ‘dug’ up by the Harper hating media are Conservative. Why is it assumed that it was a conservative, of the 18 affected ridings most were between the Libs and the NDP. Perhaps the flashlight should be turned more leftward. Now go away…your have been brainwashed by that same Harper hating media if you truly believe that those so called scandals were anything other than hyped up hysteria designed as gotchas of the week.

      • Gerald Says:

        We have the most competent honest leader in the whole world.Can you imagine how much better this country would be if those leftards were not around to interfere with such a great leader.Can you imagine if Trudeau was treated that way when he was PM.That’s why PM Harper is so much more a great PM than Trudeau ever was.

    • Lycan Says:

      Wake up and stop the rhetoric! Harper doesn’t want to ‘rule’ Canada!

      Come on, how can anyone attack Tory “scandal after scandal after scandal” (while conveniently failing to mention Shawinigate, the Sponsorship Scandal, choking a protestor; lack of transparency again and again), and insults to the Canadian public (like staffers saying that getting our tax dollars back would only be spent on “beer and popcorn) Why call out the media and journalists on talking politics? That’s what they do! And by the way, Theerogue, you sound quite American left whining about people taking a glaringly biased state broadcaster (one that refuses to be financially accountable) to task and blaming media voices on “scandal” (btw – what ARE those?) is the same imported bullshit rhetoric. What do you think they do… all get together and say to each other “lets rule this country forever, who cares what the voting public says!”

      No wonder the media hate Harper… they can’t control what he does just like they control every reporter, pundit, and media lackeye’s mouths!! You’ve done a lot of the work on your link dump with an opposing view that can be compliled by anyone, now you go and examine that opposing view that can be likewise stated with a link dump and tell me who is at fault for this bad-sounding news, the media or the governing party??

      ps. Just in case there’s any doubt that the public will care about ‘robo-calling’… remember giant cheque logos, Olympic logos, communion wafers, prorogation, etc, etc etc, the list of “scandals” mongered by you and your ilk are legion. This is just another wafer chase. We get it, you fools HATE that you lost the election to Harper and the Conservatives, even when way back you guys said he’d never last.

      But Harper became the leader of the Alliance when you guys said he never could, he united the right when you guys said he never could, the Conservatives won government when you guys said they never could, won a second government when you guys never said they could, and the Conservatives won a majority when you guys never said they could. He has survived every single pathetic “wafer” you clowns have tried to sling his way. You fools hate Harper because NOTHING you’ve said about him has come to pass about Harper’s chances; you’ve ALWAYS been wrong, and thus, look like idiots. Harper just keeps winning, and winning, and winning; every gambit a victory, every victory proving you wrong over and over again. It burns, it burns that every single election since 2004 saw a sharp decline in Liberal fortunes, the Liberals are becoming irrelevant, that and you can’t stand that your leftist idea(l)s are being soundly rejected in this country by voters. To bad, get used to it. 🙂

      • Gerald Says:

        Another thing Lycan is what Gerry Nichols said on P&P awhile back.He said that when PM Harper was the head of the Citizen’s Coalition,he said he would destroy the LPC,and he did.Gerry said that PM Harper wasn’t even in politics at the time,so he’s nobody to fool around with,as he usually will find a way to do what he says he’s going to do.Pm Harper should give the media something real to talk about,and that’s defund the CBC.If he did that I’d surely donate more money to the party.

    • Mary T Says:

      Trouble for you is that most of us do not believe anything the media writes anymore, and the tv honchos forget all the real scandals of the liberals over many years.
      Great to follow rules only to have them changed after the fact to cause a faux scandal.
      Oh, when will Elections Canada force those liberals to pay their leadership campaigns, and when will liberals return all the stolen money.

      • john Says:

        “Thee Rogue (@Lisa_D_Rogue) Says: ….Come on, how can anyone defend scandal after scandal ….(Afghan detainees,”

        Yep, nice little progressive here. The first “scandal” that pops into her mind is the Afghan detainee business. So she gets to bash Harper and the military in one breath. The entire Afgah detainee “scandal” was trumped up garbage invented by the media to attack Harper and the military.

        Man, are journalists ever scumbags. I guess when you go to university and take something as stupid and useless as journalism it probably makes you pretty bitter against people whom the public actually repects (soldiers) or those who are successful withoutkissing your butts.

        • john Says:

          Harper won a majority DESPITE the media’s best efforts and he continues to run the country and pass legislation despite their efforts. Yep, to see a politician who treats the media with the disdain they deserve and is STILL a success must infuriate them indeed. — FANTASTIC

          So here’s the deal “three rouge” conservatives have finally woken up and realized that the canadian news establishment is their enemy. The “news” media in Canada will never give conservatives a fair hearing so why cater to them?

          As for me. I am delighted when scumbag jouranlists get their asses handed to them by blogs like this one.

    • Liz J Says:

      Geeze, are you for real?

    • Alain Says:

      Wow, so that is what it is like to live in an echo chamber.

  4. Lynnster1 Says:

    So now we have Bob Rae asking for an “emergency” debate. Why is it an emergency now and not 8 months ago? What is the nature of this emergency? Could it have something to do with Michael Sona? I suspect that the NDP knows more than it’s telling; since Pat Martin has already tried to frame the government’s defence as “throwing some kid under the bus” before the public had this name. Will this debate actually be a parliamentary inquiry calling “some poor kid” to testify before the police conduct a full investigation?

    • Lynnster1 Says:

      Of course Bob Rae is now leading the charge as the more sympathetic figure to Pat Martin. The ground game will be local rather than national with perhaps the use of Robocalling to explain to constuents how they were hoodwinked and how sorry the liberals are and voters can now have a fair chance. No doubt the NDP will very generously offer not to run candidates and provide ground support to the Liberals. The media ever ready to roll over. I can see why it’s an emergency.

      • Mary T Says:

        And will the media/opposition/Pat Martin go after Mulcair for spreading rumors that Ashton is quitting the race. Maybe he is using the same firm.

        • Jen Says:

          Bob Rae bankrupt ontario and prorogued his provincial government for months, when he was then, the ndp premier of ontario. He knows now that he is safe within the liberal party from any bashing from the media.

          I think it was about three times when Chretien prorogued parliament to call on election when he had a majority governments.

          PM Harper prorogued parliament because there was a coo signed by all three mps in the opposition parties back then to overthrow the duly elected PM.
          The second time he prorogued was because returning to government and the olympic just a few wks away; the PM decided to suspend parliament until after Olympics.

          The liberals took $56BILLIONS FROM THE EI to pay down the debt but never bothered to replace that sum of money instead, Paul Martin raised the premiums.
          Now the PM of today has to deal wirh what should have been there -the $56billion.
          The canadian media refuse to tackle the liberals on it but are all over the government on this very issue.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Exactly, this is all about timing.

      I think that they are looking for another Helena Guergis, someone that was once part of the governing party or working for them to come and sing for them like a canary to anyone with an ear that wants to hear it. They know if the Tories are able to show that they are moving decisively to take care of this, like calling the police and seeing that they get arrested, it will show to everyone that they will be accountable even when it comes to their own staffers, and it will take away the only arrow that the Opposition has in it’s quiver. So of course, Rae would want to run immediatley to a public inquiry, that is so those clowns can have yet another kangaroo court to continue to run with their “scandal” chase. They remind me of ambulance chasers, looking everywhere for the latest “wafer” to throw to the media like shark chum.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    Thee Rogue

    my ..you sound “angry” Love your links from the Toronto RED star..WEAK .lol… Prime Minister Harper…best PM this country has seen. Get used to it. Strong, National, Conservative, Majority Government….suck it up

    • Jen Says:

      And the PM is the most admired in the world.

      BTW. don’t you find it odd that ndpqf that like to bitch about every taxpayer dollar being spent by the government have never once bothered nor poke their noses around CBC yet they will sooner come after you at how you spend your money but not CBC.

      I repeat again -Jack Layton and his wife charged the taxpayers double rent for one house.

  6. Gerald Says:

    Oliver and an idiot from the G&M was just on CtV,and yes the CPC is guilty.Oliver and the other idiot explained it out,and of course they would know.Oliver was the judge and the other idiot was a one man jury.I’ve stated this more than once,PM Harper has got to start playing hardball,as there would have to be some juicy scandals out there about the libs,NDPpq,and the so-called media.There’s so many Harper Hater’s there would have to be a lot of crooked things going on with them.

  7. Sean M Says:

    Clearly the opposition and their media whores have come even more unhinged and partisan then usual. The over the top rhetoric, hysteria and hyperbole coming from the media and brain damaged thugs like Pat (F##k you) Martin has become farcical. Call it, “Harper derangement syndrome”, or ideological thuggery, the “Liberals”, NDPeers, and their media have become a pack of desperate ideological fools. None of this unhinged, blindly partisan, witch hunt style hysteria coming from the media and the opposition will serve them well, because it isn’t resonating with the public on a large scale, and most people can see through the irrational rhetoric. CBC, CTV, Glob@Plop, Glowball, etc, etc, continue to lose any pretense of impartiality or professionalism. It’s a bloody disgrace! Desperate people do and say desperate things, and these activist clowns are indeed desperately unhinged.

  8. bettie Says:

    It would be great if the Harper-hating media only damages themselves… but the comments on their articles are even more rabit, with lots of agreements. Even on this post you have these over-the-top comment. It’s disheartening. I just hope they don’t influence too many people. The articles and comments are full of spin and outright lies. I hope you are correct that the media is damaging themselves.

  9. Jen Says:

    Jen says:

    February 24, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    United Steelworkers Caught Contributing to Far-Left Political Party in Canada

    Here’s a question: Why is the United Steelworkers taking its members’ money and spending on a “social-democratic” political party in Canada?

    According this report, the Steelworkers here in the U.S. has sent nearly $70,000 to fund the NDP in Canada over the last four years.

    OTTAWA – A U.S.-based union’s financial contributions to the New Democrats in Canada have raised some questions for the party’s federal branch.

    The United Steelworkers of America’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., filed paperwork with the U.S. Department of Labor that shows tens of thousands of dollars sent to the NDP in Ottawa between 2007 and 2010.

    Records show the American union sent $5,000 last year, more than $39,000 in 2009, $8,500 in 2008, and in excess of $17,000 in 2007 to the New Democratic Party of Canada or the New Democrats of Canada.

    While union contributions to provincial political parties are legal, they were banned along with corporate donations at the federal level in 2007.

    While the USW’s contributions may be legally questionable, what is more interesting is that the NDP is, by U.S. standards, a far-left political party:

    The NDP evolved from a merger of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). The CCF grew from populist, agrarian and democratic socialist roots into a modern social-democratic party.

    It just seems like, not only do today’s union bosses care little about what they do with their members’ money, but they seem not to care at all about the outsourcing their politics to other countries.


    • Mary T Says:

      I wonder what an audit of ndp books or the union that supports them would show. Maybe the canadian arm is sending money to their pals in the USA to donate back to the ndp.

  10. Jen Says:

    We need an emergency debate on this.

    Out of the 1.6BILLION DOLLARS THE CBC get from TAXPAYERS, I want to know how much money goes to the NDP and Liberals. The closeness between those three spells that there is more than a gotcha moment.
    In otther words ” we the media(cbc) will protect you both parties from the public (taxpayers) just as long you two parties keep our secret and our expenditures to yourselves.

    Why I say this is because the opposition like to complain about the ‘spending of taxpayers money’ yet the one place CBC, that get taxpayers dollars to spend on gifts and parties travels hotels holidays etc, the loudmouth ndp and liberals SAYS NOTHING. Sorry, the coo between the three of them is too stronge to ignore.

  11. Why robocall hysteria? Conservatives to balance budget by 2014/15! | CRUX OF THE MATTER ► Says:

    […] have clearly gone over the top with the latest allegations. As John Gormey writes (H/T BLY & BC Blue): “The Harper Derangement Syndrome has taken hold. And it’s not hurting the PM as much […]

  12. wilson Says:

    Maybe Anonymous hacked the CPC data base for info on identified Liberal,
    like they just hacked the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

    ”…A Twitter account linked to Anonymous posted a link to a page that publishes the login name and passwords of OACP staffers….’

  13. guffman Says:

    Pat Martin predicts this will be the end of the conservatives – that this will hang around Stephen Harper’s neck like an albatross. I’m willing to bet this comes to no more than wafergate. The lefties are so out of steam, it’s patheitic. If this was really an issue, why didn’t it surface right after the election when people were ‘told’ their voting station had changed. If it were “hundreds of thousands” of voters affected, as Pat Martin now claims, wouldn’t they be screaming bloody murder immediately??!! More ‘gotcha’ crap that the media (as usual) is willing to play along with.
    I agree Blue, no one’s listening anymore, except those who hated Harper already.

  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    Maybe Elections Canada should be investigated…this report was back in May so why is it dragged out 9 months later? Reminds me of that Carolyn Bennet LIBERAL and the flat tires incident…got lots of sympathy and her re-election twice.

    The police and Elections Canada investigation appears to centre on the riding of Guelph, where the Tories had hoped to knock off Liberal incumbent Frank Valeriote.

    Valeriote, who won, said hundreds of Liberal supporters received both the harassing calls and the false voting location calls.

    He had some voters call his office to say they wouldn’t vote for someone without the judgment to call them at a decent hour. Others, who showed up at the false voting location, returned home in disgust without bothering to cast a ballot.

    “It was a concerted effort to suppress votes. It’s a neo-conservative, Republican tactic that’s been documented in the United States and was adopted here,” Valeriote said in an interview. “By who? Who knows.”

    Valeriote lodged a complaint and within two weeks of the election an Elections Canada investigator was in the riding interviewing him and voters who’d received the calls he said.

    A memo circulated to Elections Canada officials on May 16 details some of the allegedly fraudulent activity that occurred during the campaign but concludes nothing happened that could have changed the results of the general election or in any riding.

    “Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result,” says the memo, released under the Access to Information Act.

    The memo also warned that investigations in to robocalls sent through intermediaries are “difficult, time consuming and may be inconclusive.”

  15. Jen Says:

    Iguess from the media’s silence as well as the ‘opposition parties’ that THEY DO KNOW who sent the TWITTER from PARLIAMENT.

  16. JR Says:

    I see that Andrew Coyne has climbed aboard the “conspiracy” bandwagon.
    It apparently hasn’t occurred to him that an at least equally likely “conspiracy” here is that Liberals and now NDP partisans are coming out of the woodwork to claim they’ve been Robocalled by Conservatives. It’s a convenient, risk-free smear they can perpetuate till the cows come home.

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