Robocall company sends defamation papers to NDP MP

The dialling service Racknine has served the NDP Party as well as NDP MP Pat Martin legal notice through their lawyer demanding an apology for Martin’s comments:

You have committed defamation with reckless regard for our clients’ standing and reputation in the community.

Stephen Taylor has the full documents posted on his blog site here

NP’s Coyne decides robocalls were a vast conspiracy

After two days of not having any success in coming up with a catchy name for the robocall scandal, the National Post’s Andrew Coyne figures the heck with waiting for any investigation and condemns the Conservative Party right to the top.

One leap I noticed was how Coyne came up with this as one of his statement of facts:

“of the thousands of calls…every one were made to Liberal supporters” (see here)

Maybe Coyne knows more than everyone else but where would confirmation of this come from? Does he have the phone call record from the auto-calling service Racknine? Did I miss where this was established by Elections Canada or the RCMP?

I’d sure be curious to see this list of labeled Liberal supporters who were called. Maybe the readers of this blog could help me with where this information is?

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