CBC doesn’t run a single story on Dad’s arrest due to child’s gun drawing

How is it possible for every single CBC journo and news director to miss the story of Jessie Sansone being arrested, strip-searched and police doing a non-warrant house search over his daughter’s school drawing? (see here)

Funny coincidence…same thing happened at the Globe and Mail (see here).



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  1. Mary T Says:

    Makes on suspicious of all the other stuff they have not reported over the years of liberal govt. And what do they know re vicileaks, anon, robocalls.
    Who has access to voters lists, they are not given out easily, so they could be called. Who prepares those lists, and what happens to them after an election.
    With the cbc and others not mentioning the above story, what are they not telling us about the robocalls. I hope they all end up with egg on their faces when the truth finally comes out.
    The problem with the CPC is they are too trusting when they hire their staff, especially if a person has worked on the Hill for years.

    • BC Blue Says:

      These lists are fairly easily available (especially during elections) and are kept on a party data program which depending on one’s job descriptions determines access levels.

  2. ferrethouse Says:

    Easily explained. There was a Liberal Party fundraiser that they all had to attend.

  3. Liz J Says:

    This is one giant disgrace in Dalton McGuinty’s LIBERAL Ontario so don’t expect any coverage from CBC. It’s repercussions for the young family are the unknown at this time but it’s one occurrence all fair minded citizens everywhere hope they sue the pants off the “authorities” involved. They failed to use common sense, so forgive us if we assume they have none.

    The strip search for this is the ultimate insult and violation of the person who has not been convicted of any crime. If they can do this to this man and his family on they can do it to anyone. What were they expecting to find in that strip search indignity?

    This should be world news, it’s so outrageous.

  4. Fay Says:

    i guess this is what they mean when they talk about the National Press Gallery bubble.
    Ordinary Canadians do not matter.

  5. jmw Says:

    My experience with the last several elections (being on the campaign team) was that ALL political parties utilize “robo calls” to identify voters and potential voters (undecided). I received robo calls from the NDP, Conservatives and Greens (no Liberals).
    The usual process is that the National “Head Office” identifies the dialing company they wish to hire (this all costs money) and recommends them to the riding associations. By doing this, they can keep the costs down for each riding who participates.
    Perhaps the game rules are different, depending on the party, but what I do know is that our riding association had A CHOICE as whether to spend their campaign funds on this type of canvassing, or not. Some ridings, such as ours, elected only to robo call certain polls, and in other polls, for volunteers to telephone canvas personally. We did experience overlap with the robo callers in a number of cases. This led to some annoyance on the part of some voters, understandably, due to the frequency in calls.
    What I did experience was following CBC’s “On-line Vote” just prior to the last election, was finding myself on a Liberal contact list. It may be a coincidence, but I have no idea how it could occur otherwise. I have NEVER been a Liberal supporter. In the last two weeks, I have received TWO on line letters from Bob Rae and Carolyn Bennett totally fear mongering about Bill C 30 (internet security) and how the Conservative gov’t wants control of your personal information using the protection of children as an excuse. I did respond, asking them to remove my name from their e-mailing list and to provide me the information regarding how they got access to my personal email address (a bit ironic don’t you think). I have received NO response to my question.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    And the liberal leftist Sheeple will continually deny the mainstream media especially the commie broadcasting corp (CBC) are biased to the socialists, then wonder why the P.M. and his team go to great lengths to avoid the Liberal Left media party ( you know the political party that never runs openly but attempts to put thier cronies into office everytime )
    The CBC became a mouthpiece for the socialist movement when Trudeau took over and appointed his fabian socialist cronies to the top jobs, they fired or gently squeezed out those who opposed them and rteplace them with more of thier own, anyone working for the CBC for more than 10 – 15 years and ANYONE who makes it into the upper echilon are died in the wool commies.

  7. Lynnster1 Says:

    They’re too busy supporting the NDP/Liberal coalition bid, er, excuse me… too busy fanning the flames of subervsion of democracy by conservatives and their supporters. So sure of themselves, they can snigger about it.

  8. Alain Says:

    Since this would have been reporting news rather than spin, the CBC was probably not interested. How I long to see the day the CBC is privatised and I no longer am forced to pay for it.

  9. Liz J Says:

    I’m hoping this young family can get the help they need to deal with the people who have put them through this nightmare. They deserve more than an apology from the chain consisting of the school system,the children’s welfare and the law enforcement crew. We could add the Premier but he probably considers himself arms length.

  10. Sue Says:

    BC Blue: This is just unbelievable and inexcuseable that the CBC and Globe have ignored this. Was the story broke by SUN and somehow off limits for that ridiculous reason?

    Another BT blogger has a great story about the robocall issue whereby he googled and posted a CBC story from May 2011 which detailed similar complaints from Conservative candidates during the election. Funny thing it seemed like the reporter had no curiosity about the “Liberal call centre” mentioned only briefly in the story.
    Why has this rather important information not also included along with the other all too breathless reporting? Well I guess that would ruin a good conspiracy against the Conservatives.

    Here´s the link


  11. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    As far as I know the Kitchener CTV affiliate hasn’t covered the story either.

  12. concerned citizen Says:

    CBC needs an overhaul.

  13. CBC finally runs a story about Dad arrested over daughter’s gun drawing « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] had bothered to cover the story of a Dad being hauled to jail over an innocent kindergarten drawing (see here) and now, 6 days after Jesse Sansone was arrested, strip-searched and had his house gone through by […]

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