Attempted murderer and assassin was “high-ranking lieutenant in Christy Clark’s leadership campaign”

A fellow blogger has done some digging into the story about how a convicted would-be murderer got a ticket (see here) to the BC Liberal’s budget speech.

Turns out that Jaspal Singh Atwal was a very important campaigner for Christy Clark and still remains an influential support of hers:

“I’m told by absolutely appalled former Clark supporters that Mr. Atwal wasn’t just an eager, influential campaigner, but he was instrumental in putting together those Clark memberships, in astronomical numbers, and in delivering key major contributions to the Clark campaign.” (see here)

Look for a Liberal caucus revolt when this hits the media.


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  1. Sean M Says:

    Wow! This is an absolute bombshell!! This woman is truly awful… I always thought Campbell was a sleazy sociopath, ( and he was ) but Kristy has got to be the most brazen, unethical, power at any cost crook, to ever hold power in the Premiers office… and she doesn’t even have a mandate! She hires a bloody domestic terrorist to help her seize power of the BC Liberals and the Premiers office and nobody bats an eye… what is wrong with these people? Of course the BC (cough) Media are nowhere to be found… A-Holes. This is a corpse that can’t possibly be hidden away like the BC Rail scandal was… Surely the media can’t continue to willfully ignore this womans ignorance and blatant corruption. It’s shocking but not surprising.

  2. Jen Says:

    Look for a Liberal caucus revolt when this hits the media

    First of all: what media?
    second: do you really think that there will be a revolt within the caucus? maybe a scuffle here or there but definetely a blow out.

  3. B.C. Liberals: politics makes strange bedfellows | wellingtonstreetpost Says:

    […] Liberals: politics makes strange bedfellows Posted on February 29, 2012 by The BC Blue blog links us to a story about how a convicted would-be murderer, Jaspal Singh Atwal, got a ticket […]

    • Says:

      It sure does make strange bedfellows. One of the most right wing govt. in the country and the B.C. blog finding fault with its great leader!

      • BC Blue Says:

        This is the same idiot who said that the on-campus Guelph voting booth was ruled “valid by Elections Canada”

        • Duf Says:

          Sorry no, I am not that person. I have never left a post about Guelph, I did leave post though with a link to

          What upsets me is that Conservative like yourself do not ask the Prime Minister to stand up and demand that the people responsible for this are brought to justice. Instead, its deny and attack. The Prime Minister is the one that should make sure democracy and the right to vote is protected.

          Too bad that you insult people that do not agree with you though!

        • BC Blue Says:

          “I just wish people would not make statements that are incorrect. The vote at Guelph was ruled valid by election Canada.”

          “To say anything else take away from the rest of your statement, which isn’t much by the way.”

          I can track your old comments and now you are a proven liar as well as an idiot. Don’t bother trying to post again here.

  4. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    Wow. The CC’s stupidity knows no bounds.

    The sooner that she is run out of Victoria on a rail, the better.

  5. ohboy Says:

    The prom queen is about to see where the rubber meets the road.
    I’ll venture she has two weeks left.

    On second thought …that’ll be if the BC media party can quit navel gazing and run with this!

  6. Federal Liberals now found connected to assassin as photo surfaces of Iggy with attempted-murderer « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] budget speech and was outed as a central organizer in Christy Clark’s leadership campaign (see here) has now been shown by the same blogger to have been a player in the federal Liberal Party as well. […]

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