NDP MP calls Senators “unimportant” and “can’t name” any from her province

Admitting you are unimformed about the Senate and its members isn’t exactly the smartest move for a NDP MP.

Megan Leslie:

“I am a member of Parliament for the province of Nova Scotia and I cannot tell you their names.

“They are non-existent in our province. They are not out there meeting with people. They are not out there talking about issues. I don’t know what they do.” (see here)

A real reporter would have countered with asking Leslie to name all her caucus mates especially all those accidental ones elected in Quebec.

Not that I would expect that from the Chronicle Herald’s Paul McLeod.


7 Responses to “NDP MP calls Senators “unimportant” and “can’t name” any from her province”

  1. Mary T Says:

    To me I think she was talking about herself.

  2. ohboy Says:

    There,s nothing like a public servant admitting to the voting public that they are uninformed about the business they profess to collect a wage upon.

    The senate is irrelevant to you miz megan because you can’t be bothered to take the time to be competently informed about the details of your job.

    This is something along the lines of a rocket scientist admitting at launching that he hasn’t a clue about the theories of jet propulsion.

    Maybe miz megan can get a job she might be more competent at in the Commons cafeteria.

    … the honourable member from Halifax might be able to get a few tips from ex BC premier Christy Clark when she too ends up in Ottawa looking for a ‘new’ gov’t job before long.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Same way she goes about bashing our oil industry

      • Anonymous Says:

        Jason Kenny was proactive in dealing with the immigration concerns of th eetnic communities in Canada. As a result large blocks of voters in these communities swung their vote to the CPC. The present Minister of Labor has done nothing to cultivate the labor vote..She should be informing the Unions involved in Shipbuilding Areonautics and Pipelines that the planned expenditures on jets and ships cannot proceed without the tax revenues from the Alberta oilsands. .The shipbuilders in Halifax and Dartmouth will get this idiopt MP removed.or silenced.

        Surely PM Harper can appoint someone capable of dealing with the Unions.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Wow, the full of herself queen of twitdom, and another attempt to get attention.

    BTW, nobody bashes the oi industry better than Dalty McGuinty, he’s blaming them for his mess by keeping the Canadian dollar high and chasing industry away from ONTAR-I-OWE. Wonder where he thinks his equalization payments will come from?

  4. Ed Says:

    Is she related to the MP who thinks there are 9 million people in Canada?

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