Resigned Conservative staffer says he had no involvement in robocalls

This is from Michael Sona, the former office worker for Conservative MP Eve Adams:

“I wish to address the allegations and accusations levelled against me in the media over the last six days. I have remained silent to this point with the hope that the real guilty party would be apprehended. The rumours continue to swirl, and media are now involving my family, so I feel that it is imperative that I respond.

I had no involvement in the fraudulent phone calls, which also targeted our supporters as can be attested to by our local campaign team and phone records. On Thursday, I offered my resignation to my employer. The role of a staffer is to assist their employer in their responsibilities, and that was impossible to accomplish with the media continually repeating these rumours. It is for that reason and that reason alone that I resigned from my position.”

Michael Sona

Wonder if we may see some more slander and libel legal notices going out soon?


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  1. Duf Says:

    He says he did not make the callls, then he urges guilty parties to step forward

  2. Fay Says:

    Looking to me like he may be a victim of Media Harassment.
    Mean while Adam Carroll is described as a nice guy who got caught!
    Double standard anyone?

  3. Sandy Says:

    Libel notices going out soon? I certainly hope so.

    • Liz J Says:

      Absolutely, the only recourse is litigation, this stuff is getting out of hand, not only that good people will not forward to work for political parties when this is what goes on. We have the most irresponsible opposition parties in my memory and the media is right down there with them. Sad.

  4. Bec Says:

    “Wonder if we may see some more slander and libel legal notices going out soon?”

    I hope so!

    What a tragedy and what an upstanding human being. I hope he and his family are fine, flourish after this insanity and he finds enormous success.
    The gong show media and these Opps are sickening human beings to allow this to occur. They caused it and they must look in the mirror and take responsibility for destroying this young guys reputation.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    There is corruption in Canada, it is in the ranks of the opposition and their media supporters.

  6. Rob Says:

    Mike is a friend of mine, and although his is young, I have leaned a lot from him, I have found him to be more objective than me about political matters.

    As for “stealling” the ballot box, he told me he never touched it, but as has been said a lie is halfway around the world before the truth puts it’s boots on.

    I have been honoured to have him as a friend and will miss him here in Ottawa

  7. Hunter Says:

    Funny how the media posts a picture of him, but I haven’t seen one of Adam Carroll. As a matter of fact, it’s been strangely silent on the Liberal leaker, yet I bet they go after Sona and we will even know what his grade one teacher said about him. The media is disgusting and lefties are frothing at the mouth idiots pretending this is a grave threat to democracy. They are the threat to our country and our freedoms, because they slander anyone that doesn’t agree with their opinion or point of view.

    • Conservative News Canada Says:

      Tell me about it, I was openly slandered by a few NDP supporters last November after I said what my thoughts were about the whole occupy situation. I had threats made against my life and the lives of my family. it got so bad that I had to change my name on my Facebook account to other parts ofn my legal name. Since I did that I have a few pwople call me a fake for not using my real name according to them. Well I am starting to deal with people with a no ******** attitude and call them on anything that doesn’t add up.

      • You'veGot ToBKiddingMe Says:

        I have used my real name on Facebook and Twitter since their inception. Guess what? If you go around calling others down and being an all around POS than you deserve what you get.

        As for Libel notices this is a taste of what the Criminal Party of Canada has been up to. We will be seeing warrants for Conservatives arrest before any Libel notices. Unless of course you mean the Libel notices Ezra Levant receives daily.

        Carry on your hatred against all the is truthful and logical. I am sure God will forgive almost anything, Isn’t that true?

        • Conservative News Canada Says:

          Then Why Haven’t you used you name here, or do you have something to hide. I say whats on my mind and if people don’t like it they can kiss me arse. BTW I said nothing wrong and had everything they said about me made up and taken out of context.

          I have no hatred for the truth unlike the Liberals and the NDP who make up a scandal a day trying to steal power. Their supporters cannot think for themselves and accuse the CPC of wrong doing when they have no real proof.


  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    This is so sad. I also read Michael Sona was unemployed for 6 months before he got this job. Now thanks to the ugly media this young man resigned due to harrassment and most likely stress!!!
    I think there is a scandal here but it just doesn’t have anything to do with the Conservative party of Canada.

    • BC Blue Says:

      What I don’t understand is why the Conservative Party didn’t say anything or come to his defence:

      “Sona was working as Conservative MP Eve Adams’ assistant when he was fired, two sources confirmed.

      A third source, however, suggested Sona’s firing had nothing to do with Adams and that the staffer had resigned on his own accord Thursday night.”

      • Liz J Says:

        Time for the Conservative Party to come to this young man’s defense. He needs support and he also needs to take legal action to clear his name, the party owes him help in that endeavor if they hope to attract good people to work for them.

      • Michael Harkov Says:

        I think that the Party accepted his resignation with the good grace that it was offered, knowing that he was trying to do that right and honourable thing by getting out of the way until this nonsense is cleared up,thus proving his loyalty. When this is all said and done, I hope they give him his job back, and then some.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Everyone talks about how vicious politics is and how hard it is to attract good people to run but I’ve seen young staffers like Sona get used as cannon fodder before

      • gabbyinqc Says:

        Strange, true … but would the media have believed the Conservatives if they had come to his defense? Unlikely. Even this morning, despite the fact Sona issued that statement saying he resigned of his own accord, a participant in a panel discussing the robocalls said Sona was fired. Mind you, she used to be a CBC radio host before she quit her job to run for the NDP in the 2008 election, which she lost, so she clearly has her own agenda.

  9. Canadian Patriots (@CommonFKNSense) Says:

    I dont care who goes down but someone is going down over this.
    Whether it was a Liberal ,Conservative or martian.
    I don’t care but they better find out.
    This is election fraud. A Supreme Crime.

  10. Sean M Says:

    Liberals/NDPQ/Media Party don’t care who gets taken out by their reckless drive by smears. The corruption and hypocrisy of the Liberal/NDP/Media Party is staggering… these people are dangerous, unscrupulous thugs. The opposition and the media are everything they accuse others of being. Shameful… The Dirty Tricks party. What an insufferable pack of jackals.

  11. S Paradise Says:

    Love the comments. Whining bed-wetters. Poor, sad hapless victims who cannot believe their mistreatment – unbelieveable. One can only laugh.

  12. CPC won 2011 election fair n’ square, yet media & opposition “stuck” | CRUX OF THE MATTER ► Says:

    […] he was harrassed so much by the media. I hope he sues all those who defamed his reputation.   BC Blue has that sorry story here. The media cannot be allowed to destroy a person just as their working life has started, just because […]

  13. kootcoot Says:

    Michael, just suck it up and enjoy your new residency in the Reformatory Hell alongside Helena

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