CBC finally runs a story about Dad arrested over daughter’s gun drawing

I noticed 3 days ago that neither the CBC nor the Globe and Mail had bothered to cover the story of a Dad being hauled to jail over an innocent kindergarten drawing (see here) and now, 6 days after Jesse Sansone was arrested, strip-searched and had his house gone through by police without a warrant, our national broadcaster, the CBC has done its first story on it.

Civil rights and nanny/police statism didn’t do it though. Only when Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty’s came to the defence of everyone involved in this outrageous incident did the CBC awake themselves from this self-induced coma. (see here)

Or maybe they were just too busy running half-baked, innuendo laden robocall ones?

Federal Liberals now found connected to assassin as photo surfaces of Iggy with attempted-murderer

Convicted of attempted assassination of a visiting Punjabi Cabinet Minister, Jaspal Atwal surfaced as an invited guest at the BC Liberal’s budget speech and was outed as a central organizer in Christy Clark’s leadership campaign (see here) has now been shown by the same blogger to have been a player in the federal Liberal Party as well. (see here)

Will the Ottawa journos look the other way same as the BC media has done so far?

Update: Liberal party official falls on his sword over inviting Atwal to budget (see here)

Update: The original complaints about Atwal were filed by Liberal MLAs Heed and Hayer whose Dad was also assassinated (see here)

Will Liberal leader be found to have lied about personal attacks against Vic Toews?

After Liberal Research staffer Adam Carroll was outed as the person behind the Twitter account that was putting Minister Vic Toews’ divorce documents online (see here), Liberal leader Bob Rae unequivocally stated that the Liberal Party does not condone nor is involved in any personal attacks of other politicians.

“Matters of personal and private conduct are not to be the subject of political attack or political rhetoric.” (see here)

The Liberal staffer, Adam Carroll, is scheduled to appear before a House of Commons committee next week and will assuredly be asked to state under oath that he acted alone. Also, look for the committee’s Conservative MPs to get their hands on Carroll’s email trail from his government issued computer.

So that’s one way to see if Rae was being truthful and there is also another but it would take the media to come forward with information on who was “shopping” Toews’ divorce documents around Ottawa. This was again confirmed today by the National Post’s Chris Selley:

“If you’re going to attack people the way that Vic Toews attacked people, then some of that’s going to come back at you.” If that’s the case, why shouldn’t the Liberal or NDP research departments publish the details of Mr. Toews’ divorce? At least it would be more honourable than shopping them around to reporters in hopes they’d do the dirty work.” (see here)

Was it either only the Green Party or NDP Party who tried to get the media to do their dirty work for them or was the Liberal Party involved? And, if it was a Liberal Party operative(s) ‘shopping’ these around, was it Adam Carroll or someone else?

Rae’s apology was greeted with great fanfare by the Ottawa media élite such as this gag inducing Tweet by Andrew Coyne:

“Rae turning a fiasco for his party into something of a personal triumph. This is how an apology is done, folks.”

There are Ottawa Press Gallery members who have the answers but will they do the right thing and tell?

Sun’s Lilley questions documents used by Postmedia’s McGregor & Maher to ‘expose’ robocall scandal

Sun News’ Brian Lilley asked for and obtained the same documents that Postmedia’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher used in their initial story about the robocall scandal and was less than impressed with them:

“While it does mention calls from people claiming to be from Elections Canada and misdirecting people in Guelph it doesn’t really shed much light on the subject that was not already known” (see here)

Hmmm, interesting huh?

And for what I see as the biggest garbage story so far on this, check out what the National Post ran today here

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