CBC finally runs a story about Dad arrested over daughter’s gun drawing

I noticed 3 days ago that neither the CBC nor the Globe and Mail had bothered to cover the story of a Dad being hauled to jail over an innocent kindergarten drawing (see here) and now, 6 days after Jesse Sansone was arrested, strip-searched and had his house gone through by police without a warrant, our national broadcaster, the CBC has done its first story on it.

Civil rights and nanny/police statism didn’t do it though. Only when Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty’s came to the defence of everyone involved in this outrageous incident did the CBC awake themselves from this self-induced coma. (see here)

Or maybe they were just too busy running half-baked, innuendo laden robocall ones?

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  1. Trish Proulx Says:

    When asked by the Sun reporter on what co-parenting is, the Superintendent said that they were working WITH families for the benefit of the children. So how exactly did the school system work WITH the Sansone family as I certainly can’t figure it out.

  2. Alain Says:

    Their reporting of this is unbelievable to say the least. No where does the reporter express concern over the fact that the most basic rights of Mr. Sansone and his family were trampled on to the extent of a police state. Had he been an Islamic terrorist, he would have become their latest poster boy.

  3. Bec Says:

    Let the McGuinty family and the CBC family become anonymous……..I dare them!
    They will then find out what this family went through. The Father is a hero to me. The violation of his family. privacy and body would make a normal guy explode but he has remained more mature and rational as a 26 year old…. than any of the people who violated his family, career and future..

    EVERYONE attached to this story who exploited, made excuses for these losers and continue to ostracize this young Dad are freaks and we should be ashamed that there are Canadians who would be so shallow and such zeolots.

  4. antfrm Says:

    that a giant motherhood corporation such as the CBC would even bother to (eventually) report on the trampling of people’s basic rights in McSlippery’s Ontario is surprising – common sense would indicate anybody who wishes to live free of such tyranny, should flee the confines of Ontario for Western Canada, where defunding the CBC is becoming a new mission – McGuinty talking in “real time” is pure joy to behold

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The big problem is the blatant lying by the two most senior cops. It is time for the civilian control boards to change the dynamic!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Kitchener is my home town. Great post. Very sad.

  7. Brian Says:

    The MSM is finally starting to realize there is s significant story here , even though it exposes their Liberal heros as the bad guys.

    There is an excellent summary here …


    …including a link to Ezra’s recent video. Watch the arrogant “woman” in the video from Family Services if you want your blood to boil. Her attitude appears to be that she is judge jury and executioner and that she is untouchable.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    CBC ran the story after Sun News TV had it on their show . Amazing that the picture that was drawn was erased so no one can see it now. How convenient. The family are afraid to let their children outside of the house now.

    CBC took a camera crew to Guelph to show the Poutine restaurant though. Our taxpayers dollars at work by the Liberal CBC doing the coalition smear dirty work for them. Thats their priority . Real news takes a back seat.

  9. Lycan Says:

    I had an instance where my family was investigated by C.A.S. because there was a mark on my daughter’s arm from where my husband was running hot water from when he was shaving close to the bathroom sink and she went to get a drink of water when his back was turned and she scalded herself. When the placement student at her daycare asked her what happened, she said, “oh it was daddy’s fault”. She took it upon herself as a “duty to report” to call C.A.S. That afternoon I had them at my house, tearing my family’s whole life apart,looking in my fridge, looking in the bedrooms, taking my children aside and asking if I raise my voice if I get angry,it was hellish. The nightmare went on until we got a letter clearing us of any wrong doing, saying that our file was now “closed”, but we got the point – a “file” now exists.

    Never before I had kids did I ever think that the day would come where I would fearfully view any injury, mark, scar, etc, that my children received in the context of what some over-zealous human/social/health services worker in a day care, day camp (or whatever) might misconstrue and thus contact C.A.S., where some likewise over-zealous worker might proceed to make my family’s life a living hell in interpreting any perceived malfesance. In addition to my youngest child, a daughter, I have four boys. Imagine every single mark or scratch that could conceivably happen in a house with four boys close in age.

    We don’t have to wait for the nanny state to get here, it is here already.

  10. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    I noticed that CBC’s coverage was at least more objective than anything I’ve read by CTV, which seems to be supporting the State in anything I’ve seen.

  11. The Police-Nanny State Monster | Blue Like You Says:

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