Will Liberal leader be found to have lied about personal attacks against Vic Toews?

After Liberal Research staffer Adam Carroll was outed as the person behind the Twitter account that was putting Minister Vic Toews’ divorce documents online (see here), Liberal leader Bob Rae unequivocally stated that the Liberal Party does not condone nor is involved in any personal attacks of other politicians.

“Matters of personal and private conduct are not to be the subject of political attack or political rhetoric.” (see here)

The Liberal staffer, Adam Carroll, is scheduled to appear before a House of Commons committee next week and will assuredly be asked to state under oath that he acted alone. Also, look for the committee’s Conservative MPs to get their hands on Carroll’s email trail from his government issued computer.

So that’s one way to see if Rae was being truthful and there is also another but it would take the media to come forward with information on who was “shopping” Toews’ divorce documents around Ottawa. This was again confirmed today by the National Post’s Chris Selley:

“If you’re going to attack people the way that Vic Toews attacked people, then some of that’s going to come back at you.” If that’s the case, why shouldn’t the Liberal or NDP research departments publish the details of Mr. Toews’ divorce? At least it would be more honourable than shopping them around to reporters in hopes they’d do the dirty work.” (see here)

Was it either only the Green Party or NDP Party who tried to get the media to do their dirty work for them or was the Liberal Party involved? And, if it was a Liberal Party operative(s) ‘shopping’ these around, was it Adam Carroll or someone else?

Rae’s apology was greeted with great fanfare by the Ottawa media élite such as this gag inducing Tweet by Andrew Coyne:

“Rae turning a fiasco for his party into something of a personal triumph. This is how an apology is done, folks.”

There are Ottawa Press Gallery members who have the answers but will they do the right thing and tell?

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  1. oxygentax Says:

    Mind you, the Liberals had stronger circumstantial evidence on their side than Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird did when he stated unequivocally that the New Democrats were behind Vikileaks. The upshot was that on Monday, while Mr. Rae was issuing a grovelling apology to Mr. Toews, Mr. Baird also had to apologize. Talk about an unforced error.

    I wonder what circumstantial evidence the Liberals have on Robocalling. I also wonder whether Mr. Selley needs to take a class in logic, because from my point of view, “It sounds like them, therefore it must have been them” isn’t circumstantial evidence, it’s unfounded allegations.

  2. Pat Says:

    It’s highly doubtful that that any PPG member would do much that might help the CPC, especially if it would harm the LPC or the NDP. Hope springs eternal.

  3. DWT Says:

    “There are Ottawa Press Gallery members who have the answers but will they do the right thing and tell?”


  4. ohboy Says:

    As an aside, I have to say that I’m glad Andrew Coyne has finally come out of the closet and now parades in his true political colours.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Yeah, Rae has been doing a mock up of Little Jack Horner who praised himself for sticking in his thumb and pulling out a plum and saying “what a good boy am I”. When he has to brag about his apology we have to assume it was all about trying to score points for himself and his rump party.

    Have to think Toews isn’t going to let this slide and he shouldn’t, personal attacks that reach into an MP’s family life can’t be tolerated. Sad that desperation,hatred and jealousy have taken hold of the Liberals and NDP, both have slid into the deep muck and continue to slide. Just watch their performances on the Muppet Show called Question Period, it really shows how pathetic things have become.

  6. Esteban Torodonio Says:

    Everything the VikiLeaks accounts posted was public information – I wouldn’t like my personal information leaked like that either but I don’t have a cushy public job as a minister of the crown either. A fiscally responsible conservatives you all should be enraged that Toews is wasting your taxpayer money to look into something that was totally and unequivocally legal, he goes around having affairs and we need to pay for this dirty old man to investigate to take the focus off his own lack of ethics?

    (Yes, I know this post will not be approved to be posted and I know you have my IP address. I’m not Vic Toews so I actually know what happens when I log onto the internet. It’s pretty obvious from the lack of any sort of dissent in your comment section that this blog heavily screens comments so there is no legitimacy in what the author is saying. So go ahead and block this post, it was made with full awareness that more than likely only the moderator would see it).

    • BC Blue Says:

      I block obvious anti-Conservative trolls who spam their idiocy on here. I have no patience for that crap as they have a multiple of forums like the Globe and Macleans et al to post their moronic ramblings on.

      ‘Daring’ me just tells me you’ve changed your IP address when I stopped allowing your other one on here.

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    Last week Don Martin had papers on his desk during his show and he picked them up, waved them and said they were Vic Toews divorce documents and they had them for years????>

  8. taxpayer Says:

    Hmmmm. That explains this statement then?: “They were public documents and have been circulated for years in Ottawa”

    It appears heavy on the circulation, according to this post. Did you know the answer to this when I asked for some clarification on it the other day? It appears that like the MSM, you had the answer, too. I wasn’t as stupid as you made me out to be. I was just being facetious at the time.Thanks for that. And thank James too, whoever he is.

    This blog is one of my favourites by the way, right up there with SDA. Lots of inside “dirt”. You do a good job that’s why I come here.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You’re still not making any sense. Of course I knew that the media had these documents being offered to them as they were saying so in their columns.

  9. taxpayer Says:

    I’ll refresh your memory: FEB 27 5:09 “They were public documents and have been circulated for years in Ottawa”

    “I’m curious about that statement. I presume from it that you had a copy of Mr T’s divorce proceedings?”

    I don’t read their columns, so I didn’t know that the media had the docs “shopped” to them, as this post deals with. That’s why I asked you facetiously how you knew about this at the time of your post. Your answer to that was: “Pretty stupid to presume I would care to have a copy”. I didn’t ask you if you cared to have a copy, I asked you how you knew that these docs were “circulated”. Your comment was uncalled for. That clear enough for you?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Fair enough. I apologize for misreading what you intended to convey. I get a little testy on here some days and don’t always react as I should.

  10. taxpayer Says:

    Accepted. Thank you.

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