National Post equates McGregor & Maher to Woodward & Bernstein

Many of the Postmedia newspapers have now officially lost their collective minds over the robocall scandal.

It’s bad enough to see a call for a Gomery-type inquiry from the Citizen’s Den Tandt even before any completed investigation as this is apparently the new way to do things in Ottawa.

But the National Post has quickly topped that idiocy with a column from Wayne K Spear who works ever so hard on the Nixonian comparisons culminated with the crowning of the two Postmedia journos who broke this story with the most famous of all American reporters due to their uncovering of Watergate. (see here)

For more of Spear’s lunacy, check out the link to his blog where he further pushes the Nixon/Harper angle of “spying” and “file keeping on critics” and welcoming “All the President’s Men” to his site.

Also: Honourable mention for stupidity goes to the Edmonton Journal’s Mariam Ibrahim (she is a crime writer BTW) who runs a ‘voter-suppression’ story based on this from a NDP campaign manager:

“I did have one or two accounts of folks just popping in the office and telling me that they’d got a call from someone, not a recorded call, but an actual person purporting to be from Elections Canada” (see here)

Makes you wonder if there have their been other crime stories by her based along this same “one or two” exactness?


Citizen’s Den Tandt doubles down on robocall scandal

Without waiting for any investigation by Election Canada, the Ottawa Citizen’s Michael Den Tandt is already calling for a Gomery-like inquiry on the robocall scandal.

“Truth is, there is no defence to the robocalls story, any more than there was to sponsorship. And anyone who says the two can’t be mentioned in the same breath is dreaming.” (see here)

Den Tandt has added his name to the growing list of journos at Postmedia who are putting what’s left of their credibility on the line and gambling their careers hoping that this is another ‘Adscam’.

Maybe they know something that hasn’t come out yet but when Den Tandt says things such as this

“Rae did not exaggerate when he called it Nixonian”

colour me unconvinced that they do.

Also: The National Post thinks quoting NDP MP Pat Martin (see here) is a sound bit of reporting as it’s not like he’s been anything but truthful right?

CBC doesn’t run a single story on Dad’s arrest due to child’s gun drawing

How is it possible for every single CBC journo and news director to miss the story of Jessie Sansone being arrested, strip-searched and police doing a non-warrant house search over his daughter’s school drawing? (see here)

Funny coincidence…same thing happened at the Globe and Mail (see here).


Robocall company sends defamation papers to NDP MP

The dialling service Racknine has served the NDP Party as well as NDP MP Pat Martin legal notice through their lawyer demanding an apology for Martin’s comments:

You have committed defamation with reckless regard for our clients’ standing and reputation in the community.

Stephen Taylor has the full documents posted on his blog site here

NP’s Coyne decides robocalls were a vast conspiracy

After two days of not having any success in coming up with a catchy name for the robocall scandal, the National Post’s Andrew Coyne figures the heck with waiting for any investigation and condemns the Conservative Party right to the top.

One leap I noticed was how Coyne came up with this as one of his statement of facts:

“of the thousands of calls…every one were made to Liberal supporters” (see here)

Maybe Coyne knows more than everyone else but where would confirmation of this come from? Does he have the phone call record from the auto-calling service Racknine? Did I miss where this was established by Elections Canada or the RCMP?

I’d sure be curious to see this list of labeled Liberal supporters who were called. Maybe the readers of this blog could help me with where this information is?

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