National Post ran story based on false riding list provided by Liberals & NDP

An unaccredited story in the National Post (which I called the biggest garbage story so far here) listed 57 ridings “targeted” by robocalls during the election has now been discredited after two ridings proved not to have had any dirty tricks being done.

This list was provided to the media by the Liberals and NDP but a Liberal candidate and a NDP party president both have come forward to say their two riding were clean:

“There’s just no way that I can add any fuel to this fire, if there is a fire,” said Wolfgang Ziemer, who was the NDP riding association president in South Shore – St. Margaret’s, N.S. during the campaign. “I have no idea how the riding got on (the list).”

The defeated Liberal candidate in Wellington – Halton Hills, Ont. also said the campaign in his riding was clean, despite the fact it was on the party’s robocall list. 

Barry Peters said he doesn’t recall hearing about any suspicious calls either while out door-knocking nor back at the office. (see here)

Will the National Post now do a full retraction and apologize for taking information from opposition parties and running it as gospel? We will also need the name of the journo and editor involved so we can weigh past and future stories accordingly.


Many questions remain why Liberal leader was posing for photo with convicted political assassin

The picture of then Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff smiling beside the trigger-man of the assassination attempt on a Punjabi cabinet minister while he was here in Canada has left a lot of unanswered questions for the Liberal Party:

– Who invited this notorious criminal to the Liberal reception? How is it possible for an attempted-murderer to get on the guest list?

– Atwal was charged in the pipe beating of Dosanjh in 1985. Did MP Ujjal Dosanjh know about Atwal attending this Vancouver area event?

– As the inviter of Atwal to the BC Liberal budget speech, BC Liberal director Tariq Ghuman resigned yesterday but why has he been allowed to keep his presidency of the federal Liberal Party riding association Surrey North?

– It’s come out that Atwal was a BC Liberal Party member in 2010. Did he and does he still have a Liberal Party of Canada membership?

– Reports are that Atwal was a big player in Christy Clark’s leadership campaign. How active was Atwal in the federal Liberals as Clark’s then husband Mark Marissen was a major organizer and co-chair of their national election campaign?

The biggest question though is if the Ottawa Press Gallery will do what 99% of the BC media have done so far and look the other way?

Update: A Radio India host says Atwal was spotted at numerous Christy Clark leadership events (see here)

Update: A public challenge has been issued with stunning allegations connecting Clark to Atwal by story-breaking blogger (see here)

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