My Law Society complaint against Christy Clark appointee

I have filed an official complaint with the BC Law Society against Geoffrey Cowper who was appointed chair of the Justice Reform Initiative by Christy Clark on the grounds of a conflict of interest based on these points:

– Fasken Martineau donated $10K to Clark’s leadership campaign.

– Cowper is listed as “Principal Officer 2” on the Elections BC file.

– Fasken Martineau is also a large donor to the BC Liberal Party (see here)

– Christy Clark hired Doug Keefe from Nova Scotia for the riot review. Why couldn’t she go out of province for a lawyer to look at B.C. justice?

– B.C. police & judges can’t seriously take any report from Cowper, a B.C. lawyer studying B.C. justice system

NDP MP Martin officially being sued over comments made about robocall company

The New Democratic Party and MP Pat Martin have now been served legal papers stating that they are being sued by Racknine and its owner Matthew Meier.

Martin and the NDP were warned earlier to apologize for comments made by Martin (see here) which he refused to do.

See filed documents on Stephen Taylor’s blog site here

Now will Campaign Research be doing the same?

Update: NDP’s Martin blames Racknine for not giving him more time to apologize here

Stick a fork in gaffe-prone NDP MP as no pension will be coming his way

NDP MP Ryan Cleary is just lucky that the next election is a still a long ways away as his pay-cheque and not just his pension would be gone:

“I work my butt off. Would I deserve a pension of $28,000 after six years? Probably not. It should be more than that.” (see here)

If he wasn’t toast for his stupid seal hunt comments (see here), this will certainly keep him from ever collecting on the gold plated pension he feels is so deserving.

Media trolling for robocalls complaints padded numbers

It’s astounding to watch the media today not acknowledge how they affected the number of 31,000 “contacts” that Election Canada recently received regarding robocalling.

See CBC’s Kady O’Malley’s blog site where she has posted Elections Canada’s notice of an investigation.

Absent from EC’s notice is the mention of the media “calling on the public to send info to the agency”. Why would they miss including the media but say that it was only to do with “MPs and political parties calling on the public” I wonder?

With the wall-to-wall coverage this issue has received, I’m actually somewhat surprised the number isn’t even higher. Think about all the opposition parties plus complicit media pimping and pleading for people to contact them and Elections Canada.

I’d love for someone to give me a bigger example of when the media has been a larger player in a story than this. Aren’t they suppose to just report on the news, not create it?

Also: This false and inflammatory headline is being used by the Canadian Press:

Elections Canada reviewing more than 31,000 complaints about robocalls placed during May federal election campaign.

Complaints huh?

Update: Alberta Ardvark has posted on a Left-wing backed petition website which has been campaigning for people to contact Elections Canada here

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