National Post forced to issue apology over robocall story

The National Post has now apologized to Responsive Marketing Group:

An article published in the National Post on March 2, 2012, referred to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. and stated that former employees of RMG have alleged that they were asked by RMG to direct voters to the wrong polling stations. That report was incorrect. No allegation has been made that RMG asked its employees to direct voters to the wrong polling stations. The National Post apologizes to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. for the error. (see here)

Must be nice to get to sell a bunch of newspapers by slandering a company then run a small apology so as to not get sued.

Also, RMG has sent a letter-to-the-editor at the Ottawa Citizen (see here) and NDP MP Pat Martin continues to whine in the media about being sued by Racknine here.

The difference Martin is going to find out between Racknine’s lawyer(s) and the complicit Ottawa media, is that lawyers keep track and will use his outrageous statements as opposed to conveniently forgetting them.

h/t Norman Spector

Convicted assassin sits on Liberal Party riding’s executive board of directors

The connections of convicted would-be political assassin Jaspal Singh Atwal to the Liberal Party are now proven to be very deep as the Vancouver Sun’s Kim Bolan has discovered Atwal sits as a member-at-large on the Surrey Fleetwood-Port Kells Liberal riding association executive.

Party executive director Don McDonald confirmed Friday that Atwal has held the riding position since at least March 2011. 

He said he personally didn’t know about Atwal’s criminal conviction for attempted murder until The Sun reported earlier this week about a complaint to the Speaker’s office after Atwal attended the budget as an official B.C. government guest. (see here)

And to make matters even worse for both the BC Liberals as well as the federal Liberals, former BC Liberal MLA and Liberal Party candidate Dr Gulzar Cheema, confirms that Atwal is well-known to have been very active in both parties:

“I know that he has been active. There is no question about that,” said Cheema, who also knows of Atwal’s history. “I am not going to deny that I know him. I know him.” 

When Cheema organized fundraisers for the federal Liberals, Atwal would attend, he said.

“When I was doing functions in Surrey and I did one with Michael Ignatieff (in 2010), Jas was there with his four or five friends. So I can’t say that I don’t know him. That would be totally irresponsible and I think that would be a really horrible thing to say,”

Will the rest of the BC media and all the Ottawa Press Gallery finally give this outrageous story some coverage and stop intentionally looking the other way?

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