National Post forced to issue apology over robocall story

The National Post has now apologized to Responsive Marketing Group:

An article published in the National Post on March 2, 2012, referred to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. and stated that former employees of RMG have alleged that they were asked by RMG to direct voters to the wrong polling stations. That report was incorrect. No allegation has been made that RMG asked its employees to direct voters to the wrong polling stations. The National Post apologizes to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. for the error. (see here)

Must be nice to get to sell a bunch of newspapers by slandering a company then run a small apology so as to not get sued.

Also, RMG has sent a letter-to-the-editor at the Ottawa Citizen (see here) and NDP MP Pat Martin continues to whine in the media about being sued by Racknine here.

The difference Martin is going to find out between Racknine’s lawyer(s) and the complicit Ottawa media, is that lawyers keep track and will use his outrageous statements as opposed to conveniently forgetting them.

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  1. Liz J Says:

    Don’t know where the NP put their apology but newspapers should have to place their apologies on the front page not in some little corner where no one will notice, otherwise it shouldn’t be accepted.

  2. antfrm Says:

    poor old Post – they have a need to keep their sales abreast by sucking up to the uber-leftist southern Ontario/loopy Quebec market, and so emulate Bell media/CBC trash & the Red Star, but they still have the best writers by far in the Canadian media – if we could just get the CBC to pull in their horns a bit (defund now) maybe we could get the bar set a little higher – the CBC is the malignant ringleader in the leftist ideology craze of Ontario/Quebec, and must be curtailed

  3. v.grumpmore Says:

    Not all media see it the way the Post does . .

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  5. Peter Says:

    Demands of new elections by the Liberals and NDP because of concerns that legions of their supporters were unduly influenced by robocalls, and were prevented from voting, raises a lot of issues. Do the Liberals and NDP have a disproportionate number to other parties, of gullible voters, that humongous numbers can be so easily influenced to go to the wrong polling station, when every one of them received a card from elections Canada telling them where to vote?

    Can a case be made for Ignatieff, that he was robbed of a chance to become Prime Minister of Canada, because of this purported deceit, and accede to the Liberal demand that Ignatieff should be given the opportunity to once again lead the Liberals in another election and to victory ? Is it possible that Stephane Dion was also a victim, and he should be re-installed as Liberal Party leader and given a second chance to take the Party to victory – is there any other reason why Dion still sits amongst that ungrateful group on the Liberal benches?

    Were the NDP denied their opportunity to realize the full potential of electoral success, because hordes of their supporters in their confusion, were denied the opportunity to vote, or did the NDP fall short because Canadians, who discovered that their esteemed leader Jack Layton patronized houses of ill repute, which Layton referred to as Community Clinic in a B.C. speech, and which employed under age Oriental girls, decided to cast their ballot elsewhere.

    We need answers to these questions and others before the country should be thrown into another costly 300 million dollar election.

    • Jen Says:

      Demands of new elections by the Liberals and NDP because of concerns that legions of their supporters were unduly influenced by robocalls,

      ‘unduly influenced by robolls’

      Now that is a good one Peter because many canadians were unduly influenced and swayed by the media to ‘not vote for the conservatives.

      Paul Martin himself frightened the public into not voting for conservatives because of what he said that then Stephen Harper was going to ‘soldiers in the streets’

      If the public have not awaken to the opposition parties and the media tactics on them(public), then the public are very much asleep.

    • Lynnster1 Says:

      Well considering that the NDP won most of their seats in Quebec; I’m not sure how they figure that robo-calling deprived them of votes. The only deprivation in Ontario was the collective memory of the last NDP government. I guess they were hoping that they could run up the middle somewhere. Enter Pierre Poutine? I wonder why we haven’t heard more from the NDP on fakery other than broad sweeping generalizations. But why bother when you can have Bob Rae as your unwitting front man? If it all goes badly wrong, they can still throw him under the bus.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    That group of NDP on the website called “Lead” that had those 31,000 contacts sent to Elections Canada …

    well…it was just reported on Sun TV news by some guy named Richard Suzzman that “Lead” is having a protest going on now, in downtown Vancouver with Liberals and NDP and Bob Rae and others are supposed to be there. They want a full public inquiry, and a new election of 50 ridings and the 2011 elections wiped clean. He was heading over there himself, he said.
    ummmmmm…were these the ones making the robocalls? TOP STORY for CBC The National tonight? Someone should email Dean del Mastro this info.

    • frmgrl Says:

      well…it was just reported on Sun TV news by some guy named Richard Suzzman that “Lead” is having a protest going on now, in downtown Vancouver with Liberals and NDP and Bob Rae and others are supposed to be there.

      That’s where Rae is. Roy Green said he asked Rae to appear on his radio show to talk about robocalls and Rae couldn’t be there.

      • frmgrl Says:

        Green said he asked Turmel too and couldn’t. Dean del Mastro did go on Green’s show and handled himself well.

  7. Liz J Says:

    What’s going on with the Opposition and their trumpets in the media right now is out of hand and off the rails.
    Can there be an intervention by the GG to call for an end to this mad and desperate attempt to wrest power form a duly elected government? This is absolutely nuts, hard to believe this is Canada, hard to believe we have two parties desperate for power who are not even close to being fit to govern.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Saw another report on Sun TV..just the tail end showing the actual rally and there was LIBBY DAVIS making a speach…haven’t seen her for a while. Too busy organizing the RALLY? This is what she is paid to do?
    Will wait for a replay….they also said they are going to hodl these rallys across Canada…so one could be coming to you.

    That “LEAD” are busy people. Website with 36,000 complaints….rallys…….wonder if they were busy during the 2011 election too?.

  9. Sean M Says:

    So the NP can slander a company with out right lies and then turn around and say “oh, sorry about that”… “yeah, we just made all that stuff up… sorry. If it all wasn’t so unethical and third world it would be funny, but the media acting as attack dogs for the coalition of losers based on nothing but here say and circumstantial evidence is very disturbing. IMO, the corrupt nature of the media in this country is the most disturbing aspect of this latest opposition smear campaign… I mean it’s one thing for the opposition to hurl around unfounded accusations and smears, but it’s truly disgustingly unethical for the media to lead the charge. The opposition party’s are creeps, liars and cheats, but the media are truly unethical jackals.

  10. wilson Says:

    Oh ya, remember the Prorogation protests…….
    next we’ll have Frank Graves coming out with a poll that shows: Conservatives on ‘razor’s edge of losing government’

    While the kiddies and their media are on the streets protesting, there’s legislation to pass, like driving the final stake thru Kyoto’s heart by repealing a bill the coalition of losers managed to get thru Parliament.

  11. Kelly (@Usual5uspect) Says:

    I think the Tories should leak a story about leasing aircraft, just to scare the bejeezus out of them. They are “demanding” by-elections in what is it now, 57 ridings? Ridings already held by the opposition parties? I say do eet!

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