CBC gives NDP MP “I deserve a pension” Cleary space to flip-flop

Not that this life-line (see here) from the CBC will save NDP MP Ryan Cleary from his latest foot-in-mouth idiocy when he said this Friday:

“I work my butt off. Would I deserve a pension of $28,000 after six years? Probably not. It should be more than that.” (see here)

but is it common for the CBC to allow a MP to have a published op-ed? Will they be giving all the MP’s who ask, equal time?

Conservatives finally stop funding advocacy groups dressed up as eco-charities

The hard work of Vivian Krause has achieved a very substantial victory for all of us who are repulsed at the thought of US money redirected to Tides Canada to fund off-shoot protest groups. (see here)

Notice that CTV infers that it was the energy firm Enbridge Inc lobbying efforts against the deal that scuttled it but Minister Rona Ambrose gives Krause her much deserved credit:

“your good investigative journalism pays off….amazing what one woman can do!”

Darn right…and we should all show how much we appreciate it and thank her for what she has accomplished so far.

Update: Blazing Cat Fur has a letter from the PM’s Assistant Salpie Stepanian basically telling an eco-fanatic to ‘go-pound-sand’ here

Convicted assassin also photographed with Bob Rae

A picture of convicted political assassin Jaspal Atwal standing beside Liberal leader Bob Rae has surfaced in a column (see here) from the Province’s Michael Smyth in which Liberal premier Christy Clark is still denying she is linked to Atwal even though an ex-Liberal MLA said otherwise.(see here)

Two Liberal leaders hanging out with and a party that allows a convicted would-be assassin and former member of a banned terrorist organization to sit on their board of directors and still not a word mentioned from our diligent Ottawa Press Gallery.


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