Conservative MP noticed CBC’s Milewski’s silence to assassin on Liberal board directors

CBC’s Terry Milewski looking the other way has also caught the attention of Conservative MP Bob Zimmer who read out this statement in the House of Parliament:

Mr. Bob Zimmer (Prince George—Peace River, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last
weekend’s Vancouver Province described a photo of the interim Liberal
leader and Liberal loyalist, Jaspal Atwal.

Let me share with the House the rap sheet on Mr. Atwal. Mr. Atwal
was convicted of the attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sidhu in 1986.
He even admitted to pulling the trigger. He was also charged with the
beating of former Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh in 1985. Someone should
tell Terry Milewski of the CBC.

I wonder what Mr. Dosanjh thinks about the interim Liberal leader
being photographed with Mr. Atwal.

Mr. Atwal’s Liberal connections run even deeper. In the 2011
election campaign, he helped bankroll the Liberal Party’s campaign in
Fleetwood—Port Kells. Is the interim Liberal leader going to defend
his friend, Jaspal Atwal? Is the interim Liberal leader now so focused
on the relentless pursuit of power that he will associate with anyone
for an easy vote, even a convicted criminal like Jaspal Atwal?

Update: Milewski has posted a lengthy response in the comment section

Update: Milewski now says this is all: “a flat-out lie – a deliberate, malicious smear against a journalist”

Update: I have now sent off this email To CBC’s Chris Hall, Paul Hambleton and Terry Milewski:

“I am trying to confirm that these IP addresses do in fact belong to CBC reporter Terry Milewski and are not someone impersonating him on my blog site.”

Update: Even though no one from the CBC including Milewski has responded to my email, I have discovered that the IP address used for these comments does belong to the CBC so I have now approved the last three received to appear in the comment section.

Update: Jeesh, I can’t keep up. Just as I was posting the previous update, Milewski sent me a confirmation email:

Dean –
Naturally, your e-mail goes right to the junk folder where it belongs. However, I am happy to confirm that my posts are written by me, which is why I put my name on them. Hope you have better luck with your next target.

CBC’s Milewski responds to my criticism for his silence on Liberal/assassin connections

These are CBC’s Terry Milewski’s two Tweets to me after I called him out (see here) for not reporting on the BC Liberals and especially the federal Liberal Party of Canada’s connections to a convicted gunman in a political assassination attempt (see hereherehere and here):

@bcbluecon Which you did. You rooted for Malik by (1/2) calling my report on him “mud-slinging” w/o showing any error in it. And..

@bcbluecon 2/2.. and by condemning my comment that most politicians would avoid his endorsement. So you blundered twice.

To which I responded:

@CBCTerry Sorry, can’t hear you over the deafening silence over Atwal and the Liberals

I just noticed these Tweets from Milewski but they aren’t showing up in my Twitter feed. Maybe I’m blocked now?:

@LibFail99 @bcbluecon Yep, part of my long conspiracy to cover up Sikh terrorism & Sikh militants’ links to politicians of all parties.

@gjbangar @bcbluecon Wrong. I said all that, often, long before the alleged nerve was hit. For 25 years. So you have it backwards.

@LibFail99 @bcbluecon Been there, done that about a hundred times and you don’t need to wait: one example is here.

* the link he includes there is to a story of his from 2007

@manny_ottawa @LibFail99 @bcbluecon It’s not unreported at all. Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun has filed on this for a week.

CBC Kady omits who’s behind Ottawa robocall rally

Was it intentional or poor reporting when CBC’s Kady O’Malley didn’t include that the online petition group behind these robocall rallies is the same one that submitted 30K worth of “contacts” to Election Canada (see here) and not mentioning who is backing this petition site.

– Alex Michalos – Emeritus Professor (Political Science), University of Northern British Columbia; Author of 22 books; Editor in Chief for the Journal of Business Ethics; Director of Research for the Canadian Index of Well-Being; Member of the Order of Canada

– Alnoor Ladha – Director of Strategy, (building 21st century movements); Formerly at Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson and Mother

– Ben Brandzel – Int’l practitioner & trainer in online organizing; Former Director of New Media for Barack Obama, Founding Adviser/Board Member of and, Advocacy Director for

– Beth Wilson – Managing Partner, KPMG (Community Leadership), Board member of National Ballet of Canada & Cabinet member of United Way; one of Canada’s “100 most powerful women”

– Ian Capstick: Owner,; Former Press Secretary to Jack Layton, Frequent Media Commentator

– Jim Stanford: Economist, Canadian Auto Workers; Frequent Media Commentator

– Judy Rebick: Journalist, author, political activist and feminist; Founding Publisher, Former Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University

– Julia Pope: Communications director for a company developing asthma therapeutics; Background in regional electoral politics and journalism; Participant in the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives’ 2012 NextUp leadership program.

– Robin Sears:  Partner, Navigator Ltd (Strategic Communications); Former Nat’l Campaign Director, NDP

– Ross McGregor: Director, Tides Canada & Waterfront Toronto; Former President & CEO of Ketchum Canada & Toronto Region Research Alliance

– Susan McLennan: President & Founder, Babble On Communications-

– Vicky Husband: Long-time Environmental Activist; Former Conservation Chair, Sierra Club of BC; Member of the Order of Canada  (see here)

Quite the list of the who’s who of the NDP and other Left-wing partisans huh?

So, leaving out that info is bad enough but Postmedia goes a huge step further with running quotes from one of these same NDP hacks ‘advising’ this group:

“There’s dirty tricks and then there’s breaking law and there’s a big difference between the two,” Robin Sears said Friday. “Calling [a pizza place] and having 12 pizzas delivered to your opponent at two a.m. is dirty tricks, but telling people you’re Elections Canada and that you’ve changed the location of a polling booth is breaking the law. That kind of behaviour, and particularly not on this scale, I don’t think we’ve ever seen.” (see here)

Wonder where Sears puts this kind of underhanded behaviour on his ‘dirty-tricks’ scale?

Update: O’Malley has refused to change her posted story even though she has now been notified of my blog:

@manny_ottawa Don’t know.Saw your name and sent it to you. Didn’t want to between you and @bcbluecon. Cheers 

@kady I don’t deal with that individual.

Slightly petty huh?

I also gave her this reply to me from Leadnow’s Twitter account:

Oh @kady …  @leadnowca Yes, Jamie was at the#robocall #elxnfraud rally We promoted the event.

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