CBC’s Milewski responds to my criticism for his silence on Liberal/assassin connections

These are CBC’s Terry Milewski’s two Tweets to me after I called him out (see here) for not reporting on the BC Liberals and especially the federal Liberal Party of Canada’s connections to a convicted gunman in a political assassination attempt (see hereherehere and here):

@bcbluecon Which you did. You rooted for Malik by (1/2) calling my report on him “mud-slinging” w/o showing any error in it. And..

@bcbluecon 2/2.. and by condemning my comment that most politicians would avoid his endorsement. So you blundered twice.

To which I responded:

@CBCTerry Sorry, can’t hear you over the deafening silence over Atwal and the Liberals

I just noticed these Tweets from Milewski but they aren’t showing up in my Twitter feed. Maybe I’m blocked now?:

@LibFail99 @bcbluecon Yep, part of my long conspiracy to cover up Sikh terrorism & Sikh militants’ links to politicians of all parties.

@gjbangar @bcbluecon Wrong. I said all that, often, long before the alleged nerve was hit. For 25 years. So you have it backwards.

@LibFail99 @bcbluecon Been there, done that about a hundred times and you don’t need to wait: one example is here. bit.ly/xFuqi5

* the link he includes there is to a story of his from 2007

@manny_ottawa @LibFail99 @bcbluecon It’s not unreported at all. Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun has filed on this for a week.

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  1. machiavelli Says:


  2. bubbabrown Says:

    Terry we want your reply in both official languages.

  3. oxygentax Says:

    So, I’m confused. Is Milewski assuming that since he’s reported on pandering to Sikhs in the past, he’s allowed to take a pass on some stories? Sorry Terry, that’s not how it works. It’s okay if you want to pillory a candidate for having ties to an acquitted “terrorist”, but you have to pillory ALL candidates, especially when they have ties to actual convicted criminals.

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