Conservative MP noticed CBC’s Milewski’s silence to assassin on Liberal board directors

CBC’s Terry Milewski looking the other way has also caught the attention of Conservative MP Bob Zimmer who read out this statement in the House of Parliament:

Mr. Bob Zimmer (Prince George—Peace River, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last
weekend’s Vancouver Province described a photo of the interim Liberal
leader and Liberal loyalist, Jaspal Atwal.

Let me share with the House the rap sheet on Mr. Atwal. Mr. Atwal
was convicted of the attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sidhu in 1986.
He even admitted to pulling the trigger. He was also charged with the
beating of former Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh in 1985. Someone should
tell Terry Milewski of the CBC.

I wonder what Mr. Dosanjh thinks about the interim Liberal leader
being photographed with Mr. Atwal.

Mr. Atwal’s Liberal connections run even deeper. In the 2011
election campaign, he helped bankroll the Liberal Party’s campaign in
Fleetwood—Port Kells. Is the interim Liberal leader going to defend
his friend, Jaspal Atwal? Is the interim Liberal leader now so focused
on the relentless pursuit of power that he will associate with anyone
for an easy vote, even a convicted criminal like Jaspal Atwal?

Update: Milewski has posted a lengthy response in the comment section

Update: Milewski now says this is all: “a flat-out lie – a deliberate, malicious smear against a journalist”

Update: I have now sent off this email To CBC’s Chris Hall, Paul Hambleton and Terry Milewski:

“I am trying to confirm that these IP addresses do in fact belong to CBC reporter Terry Milewski and are not someone impersonating him on my blog site.”

Update: Even though no one from the CBC including Milewski has responded to my email, I have discovered that the IP address used for these comments does belong to the CBC so I have now approved the last three received to appear in the comment section.

Update: Jeesh, I can’t keep up. Just as I was posting the previous update, Milewski sent me a confirmation email:

Dean –
Naturally, your e-mail goes right to the junk folder where it belongs. However, I am happy to confirm that my posts are written by me, which is why I put my name on them. Hope you have better luck with your next target.

53 Responses to “Conservative MP noticed CBC’s Milewski’s silence to assassin on Liberal board directors”

  1. JJ Says:

    It’s hilarious how less than a year ago the Liberals were crying foul over Wai Young attending the Khalsa school, with Malik apparently in attendance to endorse her. Suddenly, as it seemed they were suggesting, Ms. Young and Malik were best of friends! In fact, while other media were quick to point out these were allegations, CBC’s Milewski actually went to far to suggest that Ms. Young sought the endorsement of an acquitted terrorist … which of course he has no evidence of and is malicious and defamatory. Fortunately, people in her riding knew better than to believe such nonsense.

    Well, the silence from the Liberals and Mr. Milewski over this Atwal incident is remarkably shameful. I have to say I didn’t expect much from the double-standard Liberals. But the silence over this issue from Mr. Milewski makes one wonder about his integrity and fairness as a reporter. Truly shameful, disappointing, and regrettable.

  2. bubbabrown Says:

    Woo Hoo! Please Mr Terry Milewski could you explain this in both official languages?
    Unless of course it’s OK for Liberals to do whatever they want knowing the “Journalists” at the CBC won’t say anything.

    • BC Blue Says:

      He’s been caught and is now thrashing about trying to make excuses and accuse me of leaving out details etc. It’s embarrassing to watch.

  3. Bec Says:

    This has been a great dissection, one piece at a time but humbling anyone that failed to report it, well frankly it just won’t happen.
    They just don’t seem to have a moral compass and they just don’t seem to feel a responsibility to tell an entire Canadian story.

    It’s apparent this is what occurs to a network after a few decades that has to work for nothing but depends on everything to be handed to them, including their material.
    Just lazy, lazy journalism from this journalist and from the CBC. ZZZZ!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Bec –

      Having a “moral compass” means, among other things, respecting the truth. The truth, in this case, is that Dean Skoreyko is peddling a lie – namely, that I seek to hide what you call the “entire Canadian story” by covering up Liberal links with Sikh extremists and playing up those of Conservatives. This is utterly and plainly false, as Gordon Campbell, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, among other Liberals, can testify. A long and factual public record proves beyond a shadow of doubt that I have repeatedly outed politicans of all political stripes for associations with Sikh extremists. Unfortunately, the “entire Canadian story” includes the entire political spectrum.

      Terry Milewski.

  4. guffman Says:

    Good to see Milewski called out in the House… he’s a poor excuse for a journalist… but that seems to be the standard for the CBC these days.

  5. Conservative News Canada Says:

    It seems that the Liberals are about to experience a little karmic justice. They are trying to cover this up, the same way they accuse the conservatives. Who do I believe, the liberals or BC Blue? BC Blue is the only one of the two I can trust as the liberals are just vindictive self righteous looking to screw Canadians so they can be in power as that is all what they want power at the cost of a strong country

  6. Anonymous Says:

    A few words on this ludicrous hysteria.

    First, it is a fact – an exhaustively documented fact – that I have, for many years, exposed political pandering to Sikh extremists by all parties – federal, provincial, Liberal, Conservative and NDP. I did it to Gordon Campbell when he was Premier and to Stephane Dion when he was Liberal leader and to Michael Ignatieff when he was, too – and to Sukh Dhaliwal when he was a Liberal MP. I did it to NDPers Jack Layton and Penny Priddy and Tories Jim Abbott and Nina Grewal and Wai Young. The truth of all this is on the CBC website and I don’t give a damn what party they’re from. I take my cue from Perviz Madon, whose husband died on Air India, who testified bitterly about this kind of pandering by politicians of any and all flavours. She said, “that’s dirty business.”

    Newsflash: it doesn’t stop being dirty business if you are flying a Conservative banner. If you disagree with me, and if you think it’s only bad when the Liberals and the NDP do it, that’s idiotic. And that’s exactly what we saw in the last campaign. When I outed Ignatieff for playing footsie with an extremist, many Conservatives were delighted. When I did exactly the same to Wai Young, the same crowd was horrified! There were wild and nutty claims in this space that my story about Ripudaman Singh Malik’s connections to the Air India bombers was “mud-slinging.” It was not: it was entirely factual and, although Malik pretended to sue me and was believed by gullible people, he did not.

    So: do those who object to my reporting on Wai Young object equally to my reporting on Campbell or Dion or Ignatieff or Layton? I don’t see a whisper of that here. What, no critique of my “shameful” journalism about any of them? Apparently not. So we know what’s going on here. Criticism of Conservatives, bad; of all others, terrific. It’s not about the principle of shunning extremists and extremism. It’s about naked partisanship. You are working to publicly vilify a journalist for not sharing your partisan bias. It’s nasty, destructive and dumb.

    Next, to my shameful silence on the matter of Jaspal Atwal -which is every bit as revealing as my silence on a thousand other equally appalling things in B.C. See, there’s a tiny problem with this critique: I have a job in Ottawa. I filed every day, several times a day, last week. It means precisely nothing that I did not do any one of a thousand other important stories happening elsewhere. Did I censor and shamefully conceal the bloodbath in Syria? Why was I so shamefully silent on the deadly tornadoes in the U.S? The answer is the same: I have a fulltime job in Ottawa.

    The fact that I didn’t cover those other stories does not mean I am endorsing the bloodbath. Or the tornadoes. That’s blindingly obvious, right? But you are actually, seriously suggesting here that I must be quite content with Atwal worming his nasty way into provincial Liberal politics on the sole grounds that … I work in Ottawa and was covering something else! Have you completely lost any sense of reality?

    Having said that, let’s agree that Atwal and his fellow extremists set out on Vancouver Island to kill Malkiat Singh Sidhu, an Indian cabinet minister, for the crime of disagreeing with their separatist ambitions. It was an abominable act of terrorism, and any politician who has anything to do with a convicted would-be assassin like Atwal needs to be exposed. Fortunately, my friend Kim Bolan did exactly that in the Vancouver Sun. She, too, never gives a damn which party gets dinged.

    But you do. It’s all you care about. If I say that Campbell or Dion or Ignatieff is getting too close to Sikh militants, you’re content. If I say a Tory does the same, you crank up the spiteful, hysterical condemnation. Let’s look, finally, at a couple of examples.

    As you will see above, for the crime of not being assigned to a story three time zones away, I am excoriated by some anonymous ignoramus who says, “But the silence over this issue from Mr. Milewski makes one wonder about his integrity and fairness as a reporter.” But wait: isn’t the bloodbath in Syria far worse? So why am I not condemned for my total silence about it? After all, the situation is the same: I am nowhere near the story, I am not assigned to it, and I am busy with another story. So why is “JJ” going so easy on me, and not attacking my disgusting betrayal of the suffering Syrian people? After all, I’m a former Middle East Correspondent. It would make precisely the same amount of sense namely, none at all.

    Next, we see the critique that my story on Wai Young omitted Malik’s endorsement of two Liberal candidates. Of course, you do nothing to confront or even to mention the crucial difference in the circumstances. Only Wai Young personally received Malik’s endorsement and thanked him for it, on a visit to his Khalsa School. So there’s no doubt at all that she knew about it. But there was and is no evidence that either of the two Liberals even knew about it and they certainly were not present. So of what, exactly, were they guilty? Or do such important distinctions bore the BC Blue crowd? It seems you don’t want me to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    Finally, we see this about me by BC Blue: “He’s been caught and is now thrashing about trying to make excuses and accuse me of leaving out details etc.”

    First, I have, indeed, been caught – and convicted! – of not filing on a story I was not assigned to, just like a thousand other stories I did not file. As we have seen above, this is childish claptrap.

    Second, I am not “trying to make excuses” by noting that I am not covering any of those stories. If the Vancouver Sun breaks a story I’m not covering, good for them. I’m not making excuses at all. Is Kim Bolan “trying to make excuses” for not covering the robo-call story on Parliament Hill? Why are you not condemning her shameful silence on this topic? Because that would be equally crazy.

    Third, yes, I do “accuse (you) of leaving out details etc.” Here’s why: this nonsense began with some partisan nut smearing me on a story about attacks on me by the former Liberal government. He accused me of hiding facts which – oops! – were actually made public, loudly and often, by me and only by me. So the smear was obviously complete rubbish. But that didn’t bother “BC Blue”, who swallowed it hook, line and sinker and posted his own version. Worse, now that he knows the facts, he doesn’t care – because he continues to repeat the smear and accuses me of “omitting important details” while – oops again! – omitting the important detail that those missing details were, as he now certainly knows, made public by me.

    Look: the idea that I have some aversion to outing Liberals when they are caught with Sikh militants is the exact opposite of the truth and it is proven false again and again by a long factual record which is publicly available. And the whole insane idea that I am covering up the Atwal story by covering something else is beyond stupid: it is maliciously stupid.

    Oh, and I’m not hiding behind some silly handle.

    Terry Milewski.

    • DWT Says:

      All the time and effort into those fourteen paragraphs. Wiped out with three little words

      “some partisan nut”

      ’nuff said.

      • BC Blue Says:

        I haven’t read his response very closely yet but this “partisan nut” might be responding still as from what I did read, it needs one. I usually like to let the journo or whoever I’ve gone after have the last word.

    • JJ Says:

      Actually, the fact that Ms. Young thanked Malik for his endorsement is news to me. The vast majority of media articles on this issue did not mention that detail and are careful enough to note it’s an allegation. You, however, state it as a fact. Do you have evidence that she sought and welcomed the endorsement? If you have no proof, then it is unsubstantiated and defamatory. I recall that her “official statement” stated that she did not want his endorsement.

      As for your claim that you want to expose all parties for pandering to Sikh extremists: fair enough.
      Yet, as evidenced by a photo on, Gregor Robertson, and various other local politicians have visited Khalsa school with Malik in attendance. Where was your story or mention criticizing Robertson for attending? Mable Elmore? Again, silence.

      Politicians from ALL STRIPES SHOULD be held to account. But when you use malicious hyperbole against one politician in the middle of a heated election race, and completely ignore similar stories from other politicians, it raises many questions as to your journalistic integrity and fairness.

      Canadians are increasingly cynical about the media — all the sensationalism, all the spin, all the degrading and unfair reporting. It cheapens our political dialogue. You, Mr. Milewski, have the ability to start reporting not on what will sell the most newspapers, but rather on fairer, factual, and more balanced stories. As a taxpayer to the CBC, I sincerely hope you’ll take up that challenge.

  7. john Says:

    If he’s a partisan “nut” then why do you consider him important enough to respond to in such a lengthy manner? You are a CBC journalist. You’re credibility is shot and has been for some time STFU and go away.

  8. fhl Says:

    An interesting article h/t Gabby at paulstuff–green-party-leader-urges-guelph-s-youth-to-cast-ballots
    worth investigation
    read past bottom a section about voter locations in Guelph and check out Elizabeth May’s language “voter suppression” article date April 11, 2011

  9. Liz J Says:

    A few words.

  10. bob Says:

    Terry, you had a lot of time to write that letter eh, too bad not enough time to report the story

    • Anonymous Says:

      In reply to “Bob,” who bravely conceals his identity, you seem quite determined to miss the point. Here it is again: the Atwal story was reported a week ago by the Vancouver Sun. I am not there. I work in Ottawa, assigned to Parliament Hill. I am not covering BC. I knew nothing about until I read it in the paper. Are those facts complicated? And, if you actually believe that my failure to report a story I knew nothing about is somehow an evil conspiracy to shill for the Liberals, then, a) can you explain why I have repeatedly outed both the Liberals and the NDP over precisely the same issue? And, b) why are you not equally outraged by my shameful silence on the bloodbath in Syria? Or the tornadoes in the U.S.? Well? Why isn’t my silence on these important stories proof of a sinister conspiracy to cover them up?

      In reply to “john,” who also bravely conceals his identity: you ask why I respond to malicious partisans who attack and smear me while getting their facts spectacularly backwards. I know, it’s inconvenient that I would dare to defend myself and I’m so, so sorry for pointing out that these attacks are ludicrously false. See, the notion that I conspire to conceal evidence of Liberals playing footsie with extremists is proven to be fiction by incontrovertible and freely-available evidence showing that the opposite is true, again and again and again. To take just one of many examples: during the last campaign, precisely one reporter went after Ignatieff over his interview with Sukhminder Hansra. It wasn’t Sun. It was me. Nobody else. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your fantasy narrative.

      And to both of you: focus on the real problem here. I am being attacked in this space on the ground that I conspire to conceal Liberal dalliances with Sikh extremists. Abundant evidence proves that to be a maliciously false claim. Cling to it if you want, but it’s a flat-out lie – a deliberate, malicious smear against a journalist who has consistently done the very opposite of what he’s accused of. Congratulations: you’re cheering for a lie.

      Terry Milewski.

  11. Ed Says:

    Oh Terry,
    Stop your whining.
    As far as ‘silly handles’ are concerned your real name should be used since your salary is paid by the taxpayer, even though it’s some kind of state secret.
    If your little feelings are hurt, you can always get a job at a journalism school and hide there.

  12. bubbabrown Says:

    As one of the people who pay your wages Mr Milewski I would like to take a moment here to tell you something.
    Your rude display of partisan behavior towards our Prime Minister during the election of 2011 was beyond belief Sir.
    I would however like to thank you for it, every time you sneered at our PM we garnered 10,000 more votes.
    Nothing you can say or write will change that or my disgust towards your employer the CBC.
    I will work towards the CBC being defunded with the same spirit and determination that I and a majority of other Canadians have displayed to take down the corrupt Liberal Government.
    That was accomplished.
    CBC is next.
    Cheers Bubba Brown

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Bubba, bravely concealing your identity like the rest –

    How interesting that you have nothing whatsoever to say about the topic, which is the fact that BC Blue is promoting a malicious lie to the effect that I plot to conceal Liberal links to Sikh extremists – when the opposite is plainly true.

    Evidently, you hope to change the subject. Fine: is it “partisan behaviour” if the same journalist aggressively questions, and interrupts, the Liberal leader during the same campaign – and on the very issue – Sikh extremism – where “BC Blue” falsely claims that I protect the Liberals? If you consider such questioning “partisan,” how do you explain that it happens to all parties? Of course, you only complain if it happens to your guy, not the other guys. So it’s just the same old partisan nonsense: journalists who badger Liberals are good, and those who badger Conservatives are bad. It just means you’re outraged if journalists don’t share your bias and badger both equally.

    More to the point, you clearly couldn’t give a hoot that the charge against me in this blog is ludicrously false. If a Conservative smears a CBC journalist with an outright falsehood, you heartily approve. The truth is that you’d be hard-pressed to find a single journalist who has done LESS to protect the Liberals from exposure of their links to Sikh extremists. But we can all see how little you care about exposing lies.

    Terry Milewski.

    • Sue Says:

      I am not a fan but I really laud you for participating directly in these comments. It is refreshing and valuable.

      Much of the natural pushback you see and feel from partisans like so many of us here, is because we recognize it in you too. Like someone else mentioned here, the palpable, almost visceral dejection you visually exhibited on the CBC set with PeterM upon seeing the election results rolling in, told most of us what we already believed. Rightly or wrongly. May 2nd clearly did not yield the result you would have preferred.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Fresh and equally ridiculous lies from BC Blue!

    BC Blue has now posted above a deliberately deceitful comment on MP Bob Zimmer’s statement in the House. Below that entirely accurate statement by Mr. Zimmer, BC Blue says, “Milewski now says this is all: “a flat-out lie – a deliberate, malicious smear against a journalist.”

    That is yet another outrageous, deliberate deception by BC Blue. I have said precisely nothing, anywhere, ever, to even suggest that Zimmer’s statement was anything but accurate. I have never even hinted that there’s one word wrong with it and have never mentioned Zimmer’s statement at all. So BC Blue is lying to all his readers yet again. I was absolutely clear about the lie to which I refer: it is BC Blue’s ludicrous fabrication that I somehow plot to conceal Liberal links to Sikh extremists. That is proven utterly false by a long, detailed, public and factual record. It is a malicious smear. And it was made by BC Blue. Mr. Zimmer never said anything of the kind.

    The statement appended by BC Blue to MP Zimmer’s remarks above is designed to deceive. My quote accurately described the lies of BC Blue. It did not refer to Bob Zimmer, with whose statement I have no quarrel whatsoever.

    We now wait to see if BC Blue will apologise for spreading lies.

    Terry Milewski.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Are you completely off your rocker? I gave no such indication that you called Zimmer a liar.

      Also, I have asked you repeatedly to confirm via Twitter that this is indeed you writing these comments.

    • JJ Says:

      That’s rich. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      Mr. Milewski you still have not answered my question. Where is your evidence that Ms. Young sought and thanked Malik for his endorsement? It’s a simple question. Because if you don’t have any, then it’s a lie that was broadcast throughout the national media (in this case CBC) during a heated an election campaign. And as I’ve said three times now, it calls your journalistic integrity into question.

      In fact, it’s defamatory. You could be sued, and lose, if you do not retract or at the very least explain this misleading statement.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    BC Blue –

    You are apparently unable to read your own blog. At the top of the page, directly under Bob Zimmer’s accurate statement, you place your own false claim that I called it all a lie – with a quote which you stole from my response referring to you, not him. It’s entirely clear which statement you refer to as being called a lie, because there is only one shown: Zimmer’s! The entire statement is laid out directly above your claim that Milewski called “this” a lie. There’s no way around it: you are lying to your readers, again. I never even mentioned Zimmer, and took no issue with his comments at all. And it is ludicrous that you could anyone to listen to your plea that you “gave no such indication that you called Zimmer a liar.” You explicitly told your readers that I called his statement a lie. That is false, we all know it, and you know it, too.

    Terry Milewski.

  16. Peter Says:

    I find it pretty rich and indicative that Milewski is nothing but a partisan hack shamelessly drawing a salary from the Canadian taxpayer to peddle his drivel and garbage when he makes an issue of ” concealing your identity like the rest” as if Milewski and the CBC always disclose the name and identity of their sources and stories which they do not hesitate to broadcast. In fact the CBC has gone to court using Taxpayer’s money to to keep names anonymous – Milewski has clearly illustrated that he does have a double standard and not smart enough to realize he has condemned himself with his own words – or is it more of a matter that the guy has no integrity – or both.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Directly beneath the full quotation of Bob Zimmer’s accurate statement, you falsely allege that I called “this” – the only statement quoted – a lie.

    That is a second lie. There is no way that you meant to imply I called some OTHER statement a lie, since Zimmer’s was the only one cited, directly above your explicit claim that I called “this” a lie. You made it absolutely clear that I called Zimmer a liar, knowing full well that I had never taken issue with a single word of what he said.

    You now need to recognise your latest blunder, and apologise to your readers for misleading them.

  18. bubbabrown Says:

    Dear Terry just think of me as an “unnamed Prominent Conservative source”.
    Or resource as I like to think of myself, there are 5,888,000 of us Conservative voters.
    After all that is the way the CBC rolls is it not?
    They don’t disclose or name their sources well all the while whining that the Conservatives are ” secretive”.
    Tell you what Terry if you would be so kind as to tell me what Mr Mandsbridge recieves for remuneration.
    I will send you my name and adress.

  19. Liz J Says:

    We really need to know for sure if this is Milewski who is commenting here. No point even attempting to have a dialogue with an imposter.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes…I have had no answers to any of my inquiries so far.

      • Anonymous Says:

        As I have noted previously, I am not hiding behind some silly handle and I have put my name to every post. By contrast, Dean Skoreyko has again misled his readers by quoting MP Bob Zimmer’s truthful statement in the House and by claiming, directly below that statement, that I called Zimmer’s statement a lie. Skoreyko’s claim is ridiculously false. I have never faulted a word of Zimmer’s entirely accurate statement. Now, Skoreyko digs himself in deeper by pretending he never said what we all know he did say. So now, he’s lying about his lying. What a fiasco.

        Terry Milewski.

  20. Fay Says:

    Why should we believe the CBC when they answer? CBC has done nothing to earn our trust before , why trust them now?

    • Anonymous Says:

      You don’t have to believe us at all, Fay. You just have to check the facts for yourself and believe those. The facts are easy to check and you can plainly see that I have, indeed, repeatedly outed Liberals, Tories and NDP politicians alike for associating with Sikh extremists. That’s means that Dean Skoreyko’s smears are false. He is telling you that I seek to conceal Liberal or NDP links to Sikh extremists while playing up those of Conservatives. That isn’t false because the CBC says so or because I say so – it’s false because a long, detailed, publicly-available factual record disproves it, again and again. So you can see for yourself that I have outed Gordon Campbell, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff and other Liberals, just like NDPers and Tories, both provincial and federal, for similar links. So Dean is peddling a lie – but don’t believe either of us. Believe your own eyes.

      Terry Milewski.

      • Brett Mineer Says:

        That’s the problem Terry – they never will. To readers of this blog the CBC is a leftist propaganda machine – unless of course it is saying something unflattering about the Libs or NDP. I recall a number of your stories of political pandering to extremist types and I have never mistaken it for being a purely conservative fetish – it’s an equal opportunity act. There is no point in arguing with partisans – they are blind to truth.

        Brett Mineer

        • Anonymous Says:

          Thanks, but I disagree thast there is no point in responding. There are plenty of folks who genionely do not know that Skoreyko loony claims about me being “silent” about Liberal sins are wildly false and easily disproved. And some folks are also fair-minded. Notice, for example, that no-one here, not even those who loathe the CBC, has uttered one word to actually defend his smear. Nobody says it’s not true that I did, in fact, out Campbell or Dion or Ignatieff. Obviously, if that were not the case, they’d be jumping on me. Sure, it’s not a love-in here, but facts still matter.


        • marco Says:

          While it’s unrealistic to blame one particular reporter for the omission, the fact remains that there still isn’t a story on Liberals with Atwal on the CBC’s website.

        • BC Blue Says:

          But Milewski says that because Kim Bolan has covered it in the Vancouver Sun, apparently there’s no need for the CBC to do their job.

          Maybe though it has to do with the CBC Victoria reporter Stephen Smart being married to Christy Clark’s press aide, Rebecca Scott?

          Also, ask Brett about all the CKNW employee’s (those she didn’t take with her) who still cover for Clark starting with her close friend Bill Good and about the accusation that reporter Sean Leslie sent out a memo to all their employees about a blogger who’s uncovering dirt on Clark.

    • Fay Says:

      Sorry Terry, I didn’t mean just you. I meant CBC news in general, including the National with P Mansbridge , we ( boomer age Canadians) haven’t given up on believing you coverage. CBC has manipulated the story on too many times. I don’t blame you for all that CBC stands for.

      • Fay Says:

        Sorry, that should be … Canadian baby boomers HAVE given up on CBC coverage. I don’t blame just one reporter. All together they have lost our trust.

  21. bubbabrown Says:

    So if a story is covered in the Vancouver Sun it has been done.
    No one else need comment?
    Really? This is a joke, right?
    Lets look at some of the “storys”that just go on and on ad nauseam.
    If it wasn’t for Media Party support the dog and pony show the Opposition have been putting on would run out of oxygen pretty fast.
    The Media Party keeps returning to it’s own vomit.
    Like a lot of other Canadians I refuse to watch either CBC or CTV “news”
    I’m talking about body bags, host gate, Helena Gurgis, and now robo-gate the “massive rally” in Ottawa.
    There was a picture of only one protestor, with a sign I wondered why they showed only one. Here’s why.
    Good overhead shot of the “massive protest”

  22. Dirt Says:

    Nice job uncovering the media’s liberal bias Blue. Actually it’s gotten so bad the liberal media run behind the leftwing politicians covering their buttes with purdy little brellas. Note to liberal media, get new shoes we’re done letting you walk over conservatives using the media and fake scandals. We’re going to start fightening back, you want to smear us fine we’ll dig and dig just like the left did to Vic.

  23. Dirt Says:

    No not posting divorce records, but posting and documenting the relationship liberal media has with the NDP and Liberals.

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