Anti-Conservative group’s poster with meat cleaver stuck in Harper’s skull

After seeing the above picture on Twitter and having terrible French language skills, I asked for and was sent this translation about the group.

I was hoping for my blog readers’ to help me with additional information about them as to their history and who is behind it all.

CBC pay-back to Mary Walsh for attack on Rob Ford?

In an interesting side-note in a head-lined story on the Canadian band Rush receiving a Governor’s Award (see here) was this:

Mary Walsh, the Newfoundland-born writer and comedian, who starred in CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes and is soon to give a solo show in Toronto.

Mary Walsh was the CBC TV star who ‘ambushed’ Toronto Rob Ford in his driveway (see here) which culminated in the Toronto Police Chief ripping into CBC ombudsman Kirk Lapointe for his whitewash (see here).

h/t Stephen Taylor via Paul Wells

Update:This has to be the show (here) Mary Walsh received from the CBC for the Rob Ford attack

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