Christy Clark accused of lying about assassin as proof surfaces he was included on India trade mission list

Maybe the organizers for the Manning Centre conference can ask around how conservatives feel having Liberal Christy Clark at their “family reunion” (see here) who now has been accused of pandering to an attempted murderer in exchange for Indo-Canadian Liberal Party memberships?

Blogger Alex Tsakumis to a source with ties to the Indian Consulate in Vancouver:

AGT: “So, SukhDhaliwal wasn’t the only person the Premier tried to get to India?”

CS: “Correct, she and her people were saying how these other men were good people and all four should be honoured with passage to India for the trip.”

AGT: “And you’re sure of these names? You’re positive?”

CS: “Yes. We had huge problems with this and all requests were denied. It made our good offices very uncomfortable, Mr. Alex.”

AGT: “Name them please.”

CS: “SukhDhaliwal. GurvinderDhaliwal, HarjitAtwal and JaspalAtwal.”

AGT: “Okay, repeat the last name for me. And spell it slowly, please.”


AGT: “Are you certain of that name? Is this the same person who the Premier denied knowing?”

CS: “Correct, Sir. This is the man, Mr. Alex. That was one of the four requests. We were not able to comply and I cannot tell you why.”

AGT: “Do you know of if Mr. Atwal knew about this request? Did he contact you? What was the position of the Consular General? Did this go directly to him? You can appreciate that without passing judgement on any of these men, having any request about any of them coming from the Premier is beyond outrageous.”

CS: “Yes, but no one will comment. If asked, the Consul General will deny everything, we cannot speak publicly. You know this because of your Dad.”

(NOTE: My father was the Trade Commissioner and Vice-Consul of Greece in Vancouver for almost two decades during the 80s and 90s).

AGT: “I understand and appreciate your position. Can you tell me anything else at all?”

CS: “No, I’m very sorry, you know Mr. Alex, we cannot comment officially and I cannot say anything more. I am doing this because you and your family have been very strong supporters of the good people of India. We appreciate this very much; to get the word of the good people out. Thank you!”

AGT: “Well, thank you too. I will continue to press others for further confirmation and answers. The Premier shouldn’t be asking for such favours for ANYONE, regardless of who they are….thanks again my friend. Bless you and may the great country of India and its people continue to prosper.”

CS: “Thank you Mr. Alex, I have no comment on the Premier, I just know what I told you as many people close to the Consulate do. This is not a secret. A few people know the real story.” (see here)

Proud moment for the Manning Centre.

Also: See photo of Liberal leader Bob Rae posing beside Atwal who is a riding association board director in Surrey BC here

Green Party campaign manager apologizes for smearing robocall company

The apologies stemming from the opposition parties and media libelling and slandering during the robocall saga are getting hard to keep track of.

National Post

NDP MP Pat Martin

National Newswatch:

Retraction and Apology: An Article An article published March 6 referred to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. (“RMG”). No allegation has been made that RMG employees were asked by RMG to direct voters to the wrong polling stations in the last federal election. There is no evidence that RMG has used “robocalls” to deliberately mislead electors. We apologize to Responsive Marketing Group Inc

I can’t help but think I may have missed one or two?

The latest is from Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s campaign manager John Fryer who issued this statement (see here) after his letter-to-the-editor was printed in the Globe and Mail and columnized in the Leftie rag Vancouver Observer (see here)

Good betting odds though that this won’t be the last apology nor lawsuit threat.

Toews accuses NDP MP’s organizer of accessing divorce documents

Oh boy…this is about to get very good. Conservative MP Vic Toews has just sent out these two Tweets:

It seems @PaulDewar MB organizer Thomas Linner was sent to collect dirt on my divorce records.

 @PatMartinMP told me MB Premier wanted verification of my divorce.

The Winnipeg Free Press has an article on it here


Manning Centre invites Liberal to “conservative family reunion”

The organizers of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy have a lot of explaining to do about why they thought it appropriate to invite someone who despises Conservatives to speak at their conference . (see here)

“The Conservatives are doing an absolutely pitiful job keeping the country together. I just don’t know what Harper is thinking. Can he think? I’m not sure…” (Christy Clark, December 2008)

It’s bad enough that they would have a columnist on the speakers’ agenda who bragged last election about voting Liberal (see here) but to showcase Christy Clark as somehow part of the ‘conservative family’ is nauseating.

By doing this, the Manning Centre has just spit in the faces of all of us who truly are conservatives.

Update: I have just had confirmation from BC Conservative leader John Cummins’ office that he was not invited to speak at this conference

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