Green Party campaign manager apologizes for smearing robocall company

The apologies stemming from the opposition parties and media libelling and slandering during the robocall saga are getting hard to keep track of.

National Post

NDP MP Pat Martin

National Newswatch:

Retraction and Apology: An Article An article published March 6 referred to Responsive Marketing Group Inc. (“RMG”). No allegation has been made that RMG employees were asked by RMG to direct voters to the wrong polling stations in the last federal election. There is no evidence that RMG has used “robocalls” to deliberately mislead electors. We apologize to Responsive Marketing Group Inc

I can’t help but think I may have missed one or two?

The latest is from Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s campaign manager John Fryer who issued this statement (see here) after his letter-to-the-editor was printed in the Globe and Mail and columnized in the Leftie rag Vancouver Observer (see here)

Good betting odds though that this won’t be the last apology nor lawsuit threat.


5 Responses to “Green Party campaign manager apologizes for smearing robocall company”

  1. guffman Says:

    Pat Martin in no way made an apology, just an explanation. According to him, he “did not accuse Campaign Research Inc. of having engaged in criminal activity in respect of robo-calls during the Spring 2011 election campaign”… I guess insinuating criminal activity doesn’t count. Will this “clarification” be enough to keep him out of another courtroom?

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    Someone should tell some of the commentators spreading this story all over Andrew Coynes post today on National newswatch.
    Media are still running Rob Angers sleeping story on Global.

    • Says:

      The Media should still run the story about Rob Anders because what he said to them was reprehensible. Both of them are Vets and card carrying Tories and Anders accused them of being commies and Putin backers. Anders needs to do better than apologize in the house, he needs to personally apologize to both of them and resign from the committee.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Now that the Media party led smear campaign has lost it’s steam, I think the apologies from the radical left will continue coming fast and furious… with the exception of Pat ( “F U” ) Martin who clearly is too terminally stupid to understand the smear campaign hasn’t had the desired effect of destroying our democracy. Maybe creepy weirdo George Soros has promised to pay Martin’s legal bills.

    • Kelly (@Usual5uspect) Says:

      re Pat MArtin. I feel ya.but it isn’t Soros that has his back, it is the taxpayers of Canada. Remember that HoC budget MP’s wanted beyond reach of the AG? Well there is a wad of cash bigger than Pat Martin’s ego available to fund his legal expenses. Apparently MP’s get sued a lot. You can be certain that Pat Martin doesn’t give two ***** about taxpayers and is prepared to multiply his sins while this “scandal” is hot and settle out of court later using our money. That’s how he rolls.

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