Manning Centre invites Liberal to “conservative family reunion”

The organizers of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy have a lot of explaining to do about why they thought it appropriate to invite someone who despises Conservatives to speak at their conference . (see here)

“The Conservatives are doing an absolutely pitiful job keeping the country together. I just don’t know what Harper is thinking. Can he think? I’m not sure…” (Christy Clark, December 2008)

It’s bad enough that they would have a columnist on the speakers’ agenda who bragged last election about voting Liberal (see here) but to showcase Christy Clark as somehow part of the ‘conservative family’ is nauseating.

By doing this, the Manning Centre has just spit in the faces of all of us who truly are conservatives.

Update: I have just had confirmation from BC Conservative leader John Cummins’ office that he was not invited to speak at this conference


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  1. james Says:

    Why doesn’t the party send someone out here to live in BC and figure out why they keep losing in this province instead of trying to cozy up with this particular loser. Seriously this is bad. She is about to get her ass handed to her. That’s not exactly a winning strategy ok.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m hearing that there is a group of Conservative MPs who are furious with these associations with Clark and that they are making their feelings known.

      The poli ops branch of the party have been clueless about BC for years. Apparently their latest BC Regional Organizer recently hired was picked to work on the Indo community around Vancouver.

      • Alain Says:

        In my view it was much the same with Campbell, one of the most detested politicians in BC. I am referring to his special and privileged treatment by the Conservatives.

        • BC Blue Says:

          And by associating with these two despised Liberals, Harper and the Conservatives have completely tainted themselves with true conservatives here in BC

  2. Hans Says:

    Christy is trying to project the assertion that she is a LINO “Liberal in Name Only”…

    A liberal donning the conservative cloak for ‘electoral purposes’ due to the surge from the BC Conservatives.


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    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    • BC Blue Says:

      And a question for the Manning Centre organizers. Was BC Conservative leader John Cummins invited to speak as well?

  3. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    From what I hear, there are two British Columbia Tory factions in Ottawa; one pro BC Christy, one anti BC Christy. Both of them are battling it out to influence the PM. If he was smart, the PM would steer clear of provincial politics in British Columbia, and order anyone connected with the CPC to do likewise.

    I am so disgusted at all these former Reformers supporting the BC Christy Party. Their implosion cannot come soon enough.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I specifically asked Harper about this in his Parliamentary office in Ottawa and he told me that he would not get involved. Since then, he has gone back on this neutrality and it is biting him badly.

      • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

        If I were the PM, I wouldn’t care who gets elected to Victoria. I would only care who gets elected to Ottawa and try to work positively with whomever is in Victoria, regardless of political stripe.

        After all, he worked well with Gary Doer in Manitoba, and John Manley on the Afghanistan report.

  4. kootcoot Says:

    “By doing this, the Manning Centre has just spit in the faces of all of us who truly are conservatives.”

    So the Manning Center has allowed me to save my saliva for more useful purposes, like helping to digest food. But spit does look good on so-called Conservative faces. The fact is that the HarperCons aren’t “conservative” at all, but radical reich wingnuts with an agenda that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “conservative.”

      • kootcoot Says:

        Wow, do you agree with or like anyone, you don’t even like Manning, the man whose feet Harper worships at!

        BTW a true conservative believes in the environment, here’s a clue, CONSERVATION! And though you might want to classify me as a left wing nut bar, there is an irony there because many people consider me a redneck, being a retired logger and former employee of Union Carbide (I was a chemist for them). When I think of conservative politicians I think of Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower or even Bob Stanfield, the current crop masquerading as conservatives are nothing but a Canadian variation on the Taliban and sell outs to corporate interests which if you actually use words properly makes them fascists. Fascism has little to do with hating Jews or Hitler, it is the wedding of the corporate and the government and true conservatives like Ron Paul would have no truck with warmongering asshole sellouts like Harper. I must clarify though that although I agree with lots of Ron Paul’s Libertarian ideas, I get dizzy when all of a sudden Mr. Paul thinks he and government should be all over a woman’s business!

        • BC Blue Says:

          Learn a little history between Harper and Manning before commenting first as it will make you look a lot less stupid. I am always amazed people like you who open their mouths without knowing a thing about the subject.

  5. gordie Says:

    What exactly is a ‘true conservative’???

    Is it someone who believes in managing revenues and expenditures to ensure balanced budgets?
    Or would it be those like Ron Paul in the U.S. who advocate a return to old style Republican conservatism with the government getting out off the corporate welfare game as well an end to the nanny state?
    Maybe the true conservatives are those who want abortion back in the criminal code, a return to the death penalty and a return to the Biblical view of marriage?

    So…of these groups, which does the current CPC represent? To me…it doesn’t look like the Conservative party of Canada represents any conservatives.

  6. Enkidu Says:

    In what way is the Manning Centre for Building Democracy controlled by Stephen Harper? I failed to notice the connection in the linked article.

  7. Sean M Says:

    It really is puzzling why the Manning conference would invite a hardcore federal “Liberal” like Kristy Klark to a Conservative conference. I’m not sure why they would invite a federal “Liberal”, but it does fit with the BC Kristy Party strategy of selling Kristy as a conservative. It makes as much sense as inviting Comrade Adrian Dix to give a lecture on conservative ideology. Maybe the Manning conference would also like to invite Klarks ex-husband, federal Liberal point man for Paul Martin, heck, why not just invite Paul Martin or Jean ( da” boss) Cretin. Bizarre.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Manning has proven himself over and over again how hypocritical and debased of principles he is and now this foundation of his follows suit.

  8. Relayer Says:

    My former MP and cabinet minister Chuck Strahl, along with Stockwell Day, have BOTH endorsed Christy Clark. And of course, Mr. Harper saw fit to reward Gordon Campbell for sticking us with the HST. Just another reason why I’ll be letting my CPC membership lapse.
    We may be seeing the last of Christy Clark soon though; check out the latest at…

  9. Christy Clark calls Harper an “asshole” in email « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] would love to hear Preston Manning, who invited Liberal Christy Clark to his conference in Ottawa (see here) and those ‘conservatives’ who defended her being there, please let us know if they […]

  10. Colleen Says:

    Christie puckers up, to give the asshole kisses on both checks. She is there in presence only to take over where Campbell left off as cashing in is what Clark does best.
    How many people do you know who got away with a train robbery and then came back wearing the same disquise looking for more?

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