CBC Kady’s blog allows slanderous comments about Campaign Research


Readers of my blog may recall CBC’s Kady O’Malley siccing her Twitter-dogs on me for allowing personal comments about her to be posted:

“Man, those commenters are pure class, huh? RT @CBCWatch: Some more of that awesome “reporting” from CBC’s @Kady” (see here)

I read all comments and approve all comments prior in an effort to keep swear words, legal issues and overtly personal attacks out but once in a while I slip up. Sometimes it’s due to haste and other times it’s because I didn’t recognize a legal liability issue but whatever the reason, I am willing to correct and admit my mistakes to the people offended.

And since O’Malley decided to play this little game of ‘hurt-bunny’ with me, I have pointed out the personal attacks left on her blog that are not corrected let alone apologized for but today, the stakes were raised.

In O’Malley blog about the Manning Centre conference in Ottawa (see here) I noticed some nasty comments and a link to a slanderous column about Nick  Kouvalis and his company Campaign Research (see pic above) hours ago which still remains posted.

Another perfect example of accountability O’Malley demands of us unpaid bloggers but won’t uphold herself. Easier when you have staff to blame and a legal fund to draw from I guess?


27 Responses to “CBC Kady’s blog allows slanderous comments about Campaign Research”

  1. guffman Says:

    The good old hypocrisy of the left… I think you’re wasting your breath, and your time, thinking that Kady gives a flying foxfart of what anyone right of center thinks. She is after all, CBC.

  2. bubbabrown Says:

    Well what about the Conservative campaign worker complaining about bogus calls?
    Are so called rob-bo calls only news when the conservatives can be blamed?

  3. Ed Says:

    K-K-K-Kady, beautiful Kady,
    You’re the only g-g-g-girl that I abhor
    When the m-m-m-moon shines,
    Over the cowshed,
    I’ll be waiting at the out- out- out- outhouse door.

  4. Jo luke Says:

    There are more of us out there that cannot trust what Kady or other CBC paid personalities have to say. Defund the CBC now!
    When Don and Grapes are canned, no one will watch CBC

  5. Louise M. Says:

    Congrats BC Blue. You just got honourable mention, along with other Conservative bloggers at the 2012 Manning Networking conference.

    Kudos to Blogging Tories and other Conservative bloggers.

    • BC Blue Says:

      lol no way…

      • Louise M. Says:

        Yes way. Reference was made to specific bloggers by name but I only caught yours and Blue Like You.

        CPAC is broadcasting live so I expect they will post a link to a conference video afterward.

      • Joanne (BLY) Says:

        Congrats! I got an email from Louise too! Good to know that our efforts are appreciated.

        And I hear you on the time spent vetting comments. It’s my least favourite part of blogging but necessary sometimes in order to avoid lawsuits. Yes if we had the facilities that CBC has at its disposal our lives would be much easier.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Back attcha!

          We get threatened immediately by slap-happy people but the CBC and other newspaper blogs don’t of course.

  6. ontario Girl Says:

    Hopefully when CBC gets their budget cut, Kady and her blackberry will be the first to go into the dust bin of CBC history. Canadians want real news, not “suppressed news”.
    Be nice if the Govt. gave the 1.1 BILLION dollars to Sun News TV…at least they dont “Suppress” whats going on .

  7. Bocanuck@aol.com Says:

    Rosie from Coronation Street is less ego-centric that cutsy-wootsy Kady.

  8. Louise M. Says:

    I’ve been doing my best visiting MSM message boards to set the record straight about Fryer. I did so on O’Malley’s site. But man it’s tiring and hard to keep up with. They copy and paste infinitely all over the place.

  9. bubbabrown Says:

    Ed at 11:35 You are in good voice today! LOL
    Should be able to charm the “Tweety Bird” right out of the tree.

  10. MaryLS Says:

    I think O’Malley is a very poor journalist. She prides herself on in-depth investigative reporting, but she seems unable to distinguish between things that are relevant/important and things that are trivial. Most often she is totally caught up in the trivial. Very often she trivializes things that are important — or at least worth knowing — and sensationalizes things that are not. She lacks the judgement and objectivity that I think is critical for anyone aiming to be a serious journalist. Mostly I do not waste time reading her garbage, but it comes to my attention often enough for me to know that this is her pattern.

  11. stan Says:

    Kady isn’t exactly in the intellectual heavyweight division….she comes across a someone making plans to hang out with Tiffany and Amber at the mall after math class.

  12. brad maynard Says:

    congrats BCBlue on the honourable mention. i read your blog everyday (have no idea how you and all the other full time bloggers do it) . however you do it though, i must tell you that the information all of you find and submit is certainly not wasted in my corner of the world. you guys give me information that enables me to defend the conservative cause here in CK against the small minded species inhabiting my local paper’s blogs. keep up the good work 🙂
    Kady sucks BTW

  13. Jen Says:

    Congratulations in order to both blogsites(bcblue and bly)
    The only thing needed is the video mentioning you and Joanne.

    • BC Blue Says:

      lol yes, that would be fun to see

    • Louise M. Says:

      Jen, as I said above, other Conservative blogsites were honourably mentioned and I was posting at the time while listening to the conference proceedings. My ears perked right up when I heard BC Blue and BLY being recognized since I’m so familiar with them. It would be good to get a list of those other sites as this is a great morale booster for what can seem like a thankless task at times.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree with Louise M. but we need the tapes or video mentioning them. and thank you for reminding me of the others. Maybe when we get the videos we can alert the other blogsites.

        Q is Louise, do you know when your ears pertked up at the mention of bly etc,, who was talking at the time.

        • Louise M. Says:

          Jen, my recollection it was a youngish guy and it seemed a wrap-up of a topic. It came at about 2:50 this afternoon Ottawa time where the conference is being held. It’s a matter of finding out what time the CPAC live feed started so the clip would be about 2 hours and 50 minutes into the broadcast. I’m sure CPAC will post a video link of the conference as they do all the major events they cover. Probably not until the conclusion of the conference. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    Now CBC is smearing Fantino..Reported on The National……the drip effect continues

    Story up on national Newswatch.

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